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10 Hair & Makeup Prep Tips for a Smooth-Sailing Wedding Day | Michelle Elise Artistry

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It’s such a blessing to get to work with vendors who are not only dear friends, but also the best of the best in the industry. I am so excited to highlight the incredible Michelle Elise Artistry in today’s post in this ongoing series of featured vendor blog posts. Michelle and her team are absolutely AMAZING and I’m so grateful for all the helpful prep tips Michelle is sharing here! If you’re planning your wedding you’re going to want to take some notes! Below is all the wisdom from Michelle, and where to find her online! THANK YOU MICHELLE!!! Love you! xoxo

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10 Hair and Makeup Prep Tips for a Smooth-Sailing Wedding-Day

On your wedding-day, the first vendors you will be seeing are your Hair and Makeup team. To ensure your entire day runs smoothly, we highly suggest the following to prepare you in advance for the best day ever!

1. Schedule a trial 4-6 months before your wedding to do a full walk-through of your wedding-day look. You do not want any surprises the day of your wedding and might not have enough time budgeted to make adjustments the day-of

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2. Design your hair and makeup look around the dress – you want to ensure your style does not compete with your dress or cover any detailing that you want to show off! I would suggest not scheduling your hair or makeup trial until your dress and veil are purchased.

3. Do not test out any new hair color or cut right before the wedding. Additionally, do not try any new skin care treatments two weeks or sooner leading up to the wedding-day. Plan to have your final cut and color two months before (to be touched up right before the wedding), and
schedule a skin care routine with a dermatologist or spa six months or more

4. Determine if you want your bridal party to have a consistent look or allow them to pick their individual styles in advance of the wedding day. Encourage the entire bridal party to bring photos of their styles so the hair and makeup team have a reference to work off of.

5. Consider having all the girls wear button-down shirts, robes, or an easy-off top that will not disturb the hair when they change into their wedding outfits.

6. Have the entire bridal party finished with hair and makeup before the photographer arrives. It is important that your hair and makeup schedule does not overlap with your photography timeline, which could potentially delay the rest of your day. Most importantly, make sure your personal styling is fully finished well in advance of the photos starting. When the photographer arrives, she can snap a couple staged “getting ready” shots!

7. If you are doing first-look photos, consider keeping your hair and makeup team for touch-ups throughout the day. It allows you to stay photo-ready and can be fully refreshed before the party starts!

8. Buy a lipstick color that you love in advance of the wedding to keep with you for touch-ups throughout the entire evening.

9. Collect payment from your bridesmaids in advance for one transaction on the wedding-day or have everything paid for in full prior to the wedding-day. This is especially helpful with a large bridal party and will ensure the girls aren’t scrambling to find their wallets while they need to be ready for photos.

10. Nothing is more important than feeling like the best version of yourself on such a big day. Do not follow trends or a fad just because you saw it online. You will have these photos for a lifetime and want to look back knowing you stayed true to yourself!

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