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Brooklyn Bridge, NY Engagement Session | Stephanie & Ryan

It’s SO exciting when a friend of a previous couple reaches out to me to photograph them! I got connected with Stephanie and Ryan through one of my 2017 couples, Ashley and Kyle! Ryan was a groomsman in their wedding, and I’m so so glad they thought of me when their time came to celebrate their love story! For their engagement session, we headed to the Brooklyn Bridge to take pictures on the bridge and around the area, which is a super special location for these two (keep reading, I’ll tell you why soon!) Stephanie did her hair and makeup trial before our shoot with Michelle Elise Artistry, who is my good friend and incredibly talented hair and makeup artist. Michelle, as always, did an amazing job, and Stephanie looked STUNNING for these special photos!

These two have been best friends for 13 years. They met when they were 14 in 9th grade Biology class. They sat next to each other and eventually started dating. They dated for a couple of years, took some time apart, but always remained best friends. After senior year, Ryan left for school in Buffalo, and they still made sure to keep in touch. Stephanie visited him at school, and whenever he was home for the holidays and summers, they always hung out. After he graduated, they started dating again and have been together ever since! Seriously! How sweet!!!

Okay okay, I said I’d tell you why the Brooklyn Bridge is so special, so here it is, in Stephanie’s words, “The proposal was awesome. Every year, Ryan and I walk the Brooklyn Bridge for our anniversary in May. We make a weekend of it. We always Citi Bike around NYC, walk the bridge and then got out somewhere for dinner. This year, I didn’t think we would spend the weekend in the city since we just bought a house in April and didn’t want to spend the money, but I was in for a surprise. Ryan told me he booked a room in the city and that we’d walk the Brooklyn Bridge like we usually do. I didn’t think he was going to propose because of everything with the house. At sunset we walked over the bridge, starting from the Brooklyn side and walked toward Manhattan. Ryan stopped at the second tier of the bridge that over looks Manhattan and got down on oneknee. After the proposal, Ryan said, “Look who’s here” and it was our close friends Dierdre and Mike who took pictures and videoed the whole thing! After, we went to get dinner and Ryan surprised me with both our families waiting at the restaurant. I still can’t believe he pulled the whole thing off because he was so calm the whole day! We Citi Biked all day, got lunch and even saw another proposal in Bryant Park and he didn’t even flinch! He’s usually so bad at hiding secrets!” WHAT A DREAM!!  Stephanie told me that she remembers saying to Ryan right before he proposed (she had no idea it was coming) that they should someday take engagement photos on the bridge! I was lucky enough to revisit this special spot and make that dream happen for them! Go Ryan, definitely an A+ for this one!

Stephanie and Ryan, I seriously just adore you two!! Thank you for being so fun and genuine! Your story melts my heart, and I’m so honored to be a part of these huge milestones for you two! I can’t wait for your wedding day at Lands End – it’s going to be absolutely gorgeous! Congratulations on your engagement!!! Love you! Xoxo

  1. inthedish@gmail.com says:

    Beautiful pictures!!! The both of you look so happy, you can see all the love through your eyes. Congratulations!!!

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