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Jess & Taylor | Skylands Manor and Botanical Gardens Engagement Session

Jess & Taylor are such a sweet and genuinely joyful couple. We shot their engagement session at Skylands Manor and Botanical Gardens, which was so peaceful, serene and gorgeous. I am so excited to share this session with you today!

If you’re a past client, you know what I’m talking about when I say machine gun kisses, and for all future clients, you have them to look forward to! Let me tell you, Taylor was an expert machine gun kisser and I just love seeing Jess’s face light up when he worked that magic! We had a blast exploring the grounds and taking photos by the greenhouse, manor, gardens, and the most epic willow tree ever! It was such a fun session that felt like an evening hanging out with old friends. 🙂

Jess’s engagement ring had my jaw dropping with all of the stunning details. I couldn’t get enough of it. They also incorporated a sign that was an engagement gift from a family member that outlined all their important dates. Such a sweet addition to this already perfect session!

I loved the way Jess told the story about how she and Taylor first met. When I asked her about it, Jess had said: “My fiancé’s name is Taylor and he is a bartender at The Shannon Rose. I used to go there every Thursday with my friends after work. One of the ongoing jokes between Taylor and his coworkers was that he would tell people he was a blimp pilot on the days he wasn’t working behind the bar. He asked me to go on a date with him and I began telling my family that I was going on a date with a blimp pilot. While we were hanging out he spilled the beans about not actually flying a blimp but I decided to let it slide because he was so sweet and very funny…our families however still make jokes about that time I thought Taylor was a blimp pilot. In the three years, we have been together he has filled my life with nonstop laughter and love and I’m looking forward to a lifetime of adventure with him.”

Taylor had kept Jess thinking that a proposal was out of the question for at least a few more years, but on their trip to Ireland, he gave her the best surprise ever! They were visiting the Cliffs of Moher (one of Jess’s favorite places in the world), and she was really upset that it was a rainy, foggy day because they wouldn’t be able to see the amazing views. While they were taking some pictures, Taylor turned to her and told her he needed to tell her something. She remembers him telling her all these nice things and then she realized what was happening when he reached into his pocket for the ring! To celebrate, Taylor had booked them a room that night, in a converted abbey where they were treated like royalty. Weather couldn’t rain on that parade!!

These two have such a beautiful story! I am so excited to be capturing their big day next Fall! In the meantime, enjoy all of the dreamy goodness of their engagement session!! 🙂

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