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Rainy NYC Rooftop Engagement Session | Amy & Danny

Their Session: Rainy NYC Rooftop Engagement Session

Amy & Danny’s rainy NYC rooftop engagement session was such a fun adventure. We had originally planned on some different locations around the city, but with rain in the forecast our plans changed a little. We pivoted to shoot at Grand Central Station for some indoor shelter. It was my first time being at Grand Central Station. The stunning architecture and historic vibes made it an amazing location to take photos! We explored the different corners of the station before heading back to Amy & Danny’s apartment for some rooftop champagne photos!

When we got up to the roof, the wind and rain only seemed to have picked up speed. But that didn’t dampen anyone’s mood! We threw open some umbrellas and had a great time laughing in the rain. The best part was enjoying the absolutely magical city views from their apartment’s rooftop – and having it all to ourselves! There’s something about the rain in the city that made this whole session feel a little more romantic and cinematic, and I’m OBSESSED! I can’t wait to share all these pics! But first…their love story!

Their Love Story

When I asked Amy & Danny to share with me one thing they love about each other, they gave the sweetest answers. Danny said, “I love how selfless Amy is and how energetic she is as a person and is always enjoyable to be around”. Amy said, “I love how easy going Danny is and how he just goes with the flow. He is the best partner!”

How They Met

You’ve got to hear how these two met! 🙂 Amy gave me the insdie scoop. She said, “Danny and I met exactly 2 years ago through a mutual friend. I’m from NJ and he’s from Texas originally, but we both went to the University of Delaware. We had actually never crossed paths in college until one of my best friends introduced us after running into Danny at a Halloween party in 2019 in NYC. The funny part about us getting connected was that we realized we had previously matched on a dating app. I had eventually stopped responding to his messages (I’ll never live it down!).”

“Shortly after meeting, COVID hit, where Danny and I spent 3 months living with my parents in their basement – where we spent a TON of quality time together doing essentially nothing – but in reality, we were able to see what life would be like together when all of life’s fun activities are removed…and he certainly got to know my family well! We moved into our new apartment this past July in Flatrion, which has been very exciting! We love New York, and are looking to stay in the area for a while before likely buying a home in New Jersey in the next couple of years!”

Date Nights

I asked these two how they like to spend their date nights! Amy said, “Our date nights vary from staying at home on the couch to heading out for dinner and an activity in the city! We LOVE to cook together. Usually date night on the weekends consists of one home cooked meal and one meal out. We love exploring the different New York City neighborhoods. There are just so many good restaurants to choose from! We are also big on wine. We recently got a wine refrigerator for our apartment, which has come in handy for when we’re staying home on a Friday night. Currently still working through making it to some of the top restaurants in our new neighborhood, but we’re usually big on Italian.” 

Amy & Danny

Amy & Danny, thank you so much for such a fun day hanging out with you two, dodging rain drops and exploring some new areas of NYC! Ryan and I had a BLAST with you both! You two are an absolute joy, and we are so excited to celebrate your wedding at Natirar with you next year! It’s going to be an absolutely amazing day! Until then, enjoy this season of planning and soak in your time being fiances! Sending you both the biggest hug! xoxo

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