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Allaire, Barlows, & Belmar Beach Engagement | Alyssa & Brandon

Their Session:
Allaire, Barlows, & Belmar Beach

Alyssa & Brandon’s engagement session was one for the books! We started out at Allaire State Park! The gorgeous brick and historic buildings are such a perfect backdrop for photos – I love shooting there! On our way back to Belmar, we made a quick stop at Barlow’s to take photos in their incredible greenhouse! The way the golden light poured into the greenhouse was pure MAGIC! And to top it all off we went to the Belmar Beach for the most glorious sunset! Alyssa’s black tulle dress with gold glitter stars was SO FUN and so unique! These two nailed it with their outfits!

Alyssa & Brandon are so much fun and totally down for all my crazy poses and wild ideas! They’re my kinda people. 😉 I had so much fun with these two, and wished their session would never end! Before I dive into all one million of my favorite photos from their session, let me tell you a little more about Alyssa & Brandon and their story!

Their Love Story

Alyssa and Brandon first met by bumping into each other at Monmouth University. At the time, she was not attending Monmouth but was there visiting a good friend. Alyssa said, “I went to pick him up and boom, bumped right into Brandon. I looked up (he’s 6 foot 4), and was immediately like ok… WOW! So I went back to Towson and I didn’t hear from Brandon for 6 weeks. As you can imagine, an 18 year old her in dorm pacing the floor waiting for a text. Finally, 6 weeks later he texted me and invited me to his fraternity formal, my roommate and I jumped up and down screaming like crazy. I went, had the most amazing night and we have been together ever since!” How cute are these two?! I can’t get enough!

Just wait til you hear how Brandon popped the question! Alyssa told me, “He knocked it out of the park! It was our 7 year anniversary, August 10th (i’m thinking to myself, he wont be cheesy and do it this day, so I didn’t think anything of it). We had plans to go to the city, have drinks and a good dinner. He told me we missed our first train so he  has this idea to go to Monmouth cause he wants a pair of sweatpants… i said ok! (nothing weird, we go back to Monmouth a few times). We were walking through campus and there is not a soul there. We went to the most beautiful spot, looking at the flowers and the grounds and just talking about the time we spent there. He grabbed my hand and i immediately go “WHY ARE YOU BEING WEIRD?!” and he tells me he wants to spend the rest of his life with me, he drops to his knee and I start crying and laughing and just kept saying oh my god over and over. He cried, I cried and I said yes before he could even ask!”

Alyssa & Brandon

Alyssa & Brandon, you two are such joyful souls, and I’m so grateful that I get to be a part of this season in your lives! I’m so excited for you two to tie the knot this Fall! For now, enjoy your time being engaged, and soak in every minute! Love you two, and can’t wait to celebrate your marriage with you! Sending a HUGE hug! xoxo

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