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Allaire State Park & Divine Park Springtime Engagement Session | Brittney & Chris

Friends, I think spring is really trying hard to stay in New Jersey! We’re not there yet, but we lucked out at Brittney and Chris’ engagement session with the most beautiful spring weather at Allaire State Park that felt and looked amazing! Oh, but our classic NJ temperatures dropping 30+ degrees in an hour caused us to freeze a little bit as we headed to our next location at Divine Park, but these troopers had the best time loving on each other through the chilly winds! Funny/not-so-funny story about that location change – on my way to Divine Park, I got the most insane flat tire (seriously, it looked like my tire just gave up and exploded)! Thankfully, an incredibly kind policeman was nearby and changed my tired for me, and we ended up having plenty of time to get amazing photos at each park! I’m so lucky for the couples who embrace each moment, even when things go awry or it gets really chilly, to just cuddle closer and laugh harder at their sessions!

I have to give credit where credit is due… Chris was hands down the best machine gun kisser I’ve photographed (past brides, you know what I’m talking about!) and is so good at making Brittney laugh constantly! Just like my recent wedding, we managed to find the only cherry blossom tree that was blooming in Divine Park! It was such a perfect pop of color to add some springtime into their photos! These two are just so sweet together and so much fun to be around, I’m excited to share this session with you!

Brittney and Chris are both from New Jersey, but ended up meeting in college 9 hours from home! They started out as really close friends, and their relationship blossomed from there; 6 years later and their love just keeps getting stronger by the day! These “self-proclaimed foodies” as Brittney explained (love that!) are always trying new restaurants for date nights and love to do anything that is fun and different when they’re together! Their proposal is SO perfect, you have to hear it in Brittney’s words:

“It was our 5 year anniversary so I wasn’t surprised when we planned a trip to NYC for the weekend to celebrate. I used to work for NBC but always hated that I never went to the Top of the Rock while I was there as I love the views. For our anniversary, he got us tickets to go and surprised me with them once we arrived in the city and checked into our hotel. We arrived at the Top of the Rock and he started acting weird and I couldn’t understand why; he kept forcing me to go walk a certain way. We finally got to the top and I was, of course, snap chatting the views and ignoring him, when finally he said, “Britt I’m trying to talk to you,” and when I turned around he was on one knee, and from then I pretty much blacked out from excitement and the rest is a blur. When I finally understood what was happening, he had a photographer there who documented the whole thing, and we then walked around all of NYC for an hour taking photos of us. Once we finished, we grabbed lunch at a pub near our hotel, then we headed back to the hotel and he said “I’m tired,” and he took a nap. I couldn’t believe it because I was on cloud 9 and no way could I sleep. He got up around 5 and said let’s go to dinner, we walked down this street to this cute restaurant for dinner, then the hostess took us to our “table” on the third floor and when we got to the top, all of our family and friends were there to surprise me. He rented the whole top half of the restaurant and we celebrated with everyone all night long! It was amazing!” How incredible is that?! I LOVE how much thought Chris put into every detail of their day, from the photographer to the family celebration afterward!

Brittney and Chris, thank you for being so understanding of my crazy tire situation and for braving the sudden cold for some of these photos – I think you’re going to love them! 😉 You two are so wonderful, and I am so thankful that I got to document this season of engagement for you guys!

Enjoy all of the sweetness as you keep scrolling! <3

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