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Angela & Adam | Mohonk Mountain House New Paltz, NY

Candle lit snuggly sessions at Mohonk Mountain House.. yes please!! Angela and Adam’s engagement session was full of hiking adventures, vibrant late-summer florals, and amazing locations. This is my third time shooting at Mohonk and every time I go, I find somewhere new and beautiful to shoot. I’m so excited to share this incredible couple with you!

Angela and Adam met during their freshman year at RPI in Troy, New York. They met through both of their best friends and they all became a close-knit group (and they still are!). Adam would stay up late with Angela in her studio where she worked on her architecture projects and they started dating soon after that. After dating for six years, they moved in together and Angela said, “Our apartment was the first taste of independence for us and it was the best decision I ever made.” They love trying new restaurants whenever they can, walking around their neighborhood looking at the old brownstone houses, hiking, biking, and anything outdoors!

Listen to their proposal story! It’s just the cutest: “When Adam proposed it was totally unexpected. My sister and I had just gone out for errands on a Sunday afternoon and she was dropping me off at our apartment. She asked me if she could come upstairs quickly to use the rest room (she knew). When we opened the door my sister immediately stepped back. All my furniture was gone, there were about 50 balloons with photos of Adam and I attached to each one, and the floor was covered in rose petals and there in the middle was Adam on one knee alongside our two cats. He was holding a single rose “the Bachelor” style (like the TV show). After that it was pretty much a blur, but I remember walking over to him, him asking me, then after I said yes a rush of people flew out of my closet and hugged us! All of our closest friends had been hiding, waiting for me to answer! It was pretty awesome. (Side note – Adam also set up two cameras and live-streamed our proposal for friends that couldn’t make it haha!)”

Mohonk Mountain House is a super special place to Angela and Adam; it was the first outing that Angela went to with Adam’s family where they hiked from the bottom of the mountain. They’ve exposed Angela to so many fun, outdoor activities like skiing and sailing! A lot of her family lives in Greece, so on their trips there they sailed around the Peloponnese and other islands. How amazing! Their adventurous hearts have led them to decide on Greece for their destination wedding in the beautiful city of Athens. Knowing these two, it’s going to be an unbelievably beautiful and special day!

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