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Asbury Park Engagement Session | Brittany & Mackenzie

Their Session: Asbury Park Engagement

Brittany & Mackenzie’s Asbury Park engagement session was a blast! These two were so much fun to photograph and totally down for any of my crazy ideas! (Including splashing around a little in the ocean!) I had the best time capturing their love and enjoying so many favorite spots around Asbury Park. We even got a perfect pastel sunset the day of their session – my favorite!! This engagement session was a DREAM! I have a whole bunch of favorites to share…but if you know me, you know I love a good love story. And Brittany & Mackenzie’s story is the sweetest!

Their Love Story

I asked Brittany & Mackenzie to share with me one thing they love about each other. They gave the most thoughtful answers. Brittany said, “It’s hard just to name one thing but I truly love and am so appreciative of how supportive Mack is of me. I’ve put him through the ringer going through nursing school and having a job that is super stressful and emotional. He always knows exactly what to say to me to keep me pushing through the hardships and knows just how to cheer me up after a bad day. He also always keeps me laughing. I don’t think I could have made it this far without him! There is no one I’d trust more to share my life and experiences with.”

Mackenzie said, “One thing I love about Brittany is the way she wants to help and care for everyone. I remember one time we went to a Knicks game and she gave a man in need asking for assistance $20 from her pocket without hesitation, in a situation where most people would ignore him. She always finds it in her heart to care for complete strangers, tips extra big at restaurants, etc. She is definitely a nurse for a reason, because it takes a special kind of person to give unconditional care to people every day. And of course the way she cares for me, always asking how my day was, how I’m feeling, and making sure I’m okay. She always puts everyone else before her!”

How They Met

Brittany & Mackenzie met on Brittany’s first night of college at Rowan through a mutual friend she went to high school with. Brittany said, “My friend was his neighbor, and invited myself and my friends over to hangout. Mackenzie was in his second year of college. I remember spending most of the night talking to him and getting to know him! They took us walking to explore campus, and Mackenzie gave me his number before we parted ways.”

“I was actually pretty shy, so for the first week or two of knowing each other I was too nervous to actually go on a date with him so I kept putting it off! Eventually I caved and we went on our first date and things just fell into place. We spent many nights getting to know each other and falling in love. We dated until the fall, and eventually he asked me to be his girlfriend by taking me on a super special date to the ice skating rink our college put up every winter (even though he hated ice skating, he knew how much I loved it!).”

The Proposal

Ok…this proposal story is such a good one! Mackenzie did an amazing job planning the perfect surprise for Brittany! Brittany tells the story best. She said, “I had no idea our proposal was going to happen the day it did, and I’m grateful because I love surprises! Although I am also super nosy when it comes to surprises so Mackenzie had his work cut out for him 🙂 He has two brothers with significant others. Every year we try to do something together as the 6 of us – and this year we booked a scavenger hunt in Hoboken. His brother’s fiancé arranged the whole thing, or so I thought!”

“The day of, we completed the scavenger hunt – it was actually pretty cool and it took us on a walking tour of Hoboken. At the end, Mackenzie’s brother’s fiancé read aloud a final clue of the scavenger hunt, which Mackenzie wrote the week before we went. The final clue led us to one of the piers, where we took a picture together by the water as the final task. I was smiling for the picture when I heard him say my name – and that’s when it happened! Mackenzie told me he spent the entire scavenger hunt rehearsing what he was going to say to me, and then said he forgot everything in the moment! It was amazing, regardless. And we had beautiful weather that day, too!”

Brittany & Mackenzie

Thank you both so much for such an amazing evening taking photos in Asbury! You two are such naturals and so cute together! It was an absolute joy to photograph you and capture the memories of this season of being engaged! I can’t wait for your wedding day at Stone House at Stirling Ridge next fall!

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