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Belmar, NJ Marina & Beach Engagement Session | Lisa & Seth

It’s always so much fun shooting at the beach, and it’s so nice getting to visit a beach that I don’t usually go to often! Lisa and Seth took me to Belmar beach and marina for their session, which was super fun and so beautiful! They love to spend time together in Belmar, which is where they met! They were both renting beach houses for the summer with friends in college, and they had met at a local bar! Lisa said, “He says he noticed me that first night and then slowly started friending me on social media channels until we ran into each other again at the end of the summer. After leaving the bar we hung out on a bench on the boardwalk until way too late talking about all our favorite things! (food, sports, music.. although we differ on sports teams, which is always a friendly competition!) After the summer was over, he would come visit me in Hoboken before he moved up here a few months later – and here we are nearing our 5 year anniversary this summer!” Ah, doesn’t it sound like it’s straight out of a movie?!

Okay, back to their session! The golden light over the marina was incredible!!! Lisa and Seth are a BLAST and I loved hanging out with them. They’re such fun souls and clearly best friends; you can tell after spending even just a little time with them! Their outfits were amazing, which makes me so excited, because it’s always so much fun photographing stylish couples (heck yes to jumpsuits)! We explored the marina and docks, and maaaybe also hopped onto one of the boats when no one was looking just to snag a few pictures on a charter boat they’ve been out on before! Whoops, wasn’t us!

Afterward, we went to the beach and they had a super cute blanket, which was great prop to go with their champagne! I love the idea of toasting to this special time in their lives, and plus, it’s always fun when it accidentally explodes! Hey, it makes for great photos! These two were up for dipping their toes in the ocean at the end, too! Couples who are up for anything get a huge YAAAS in my book! I seriously just love these two so much, and I can’t wait for you to keep scrolling through all of the beachy goodness!

Want to hear how Seth proposed? Here it is: Lisa had a bridal shower one day in February, and they had plans to go to a karaoke place in the city with a group of friends to celebrate her birthday that evening. When she came home to their apartment after the bridal shower around 5 pm, Seth had decorated the room with candles and roses and proposed right there! Lisa was so happy to have that moment with just the two of them before celebrating with their friends that night. Some of them still thought it was just for her birthday, so they were so shocked when they told them it was for their engagement! Too cute!!

Lisa and Seth, you two are AMAZING! I cannot speak highly enough about how kind and fun you both are, but I think these pictures show that perfectly! I am SO excited to celebrate your marriage next Fall! It’s going to be incredible. Love you two! <3

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