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Branch Brook Park Cherry Blossom Engagement | Jackie & Anthony

Their Session: Branch Brook Park Cherry Blossom Engagement

It’s no secret that a Branch Brook Park cherry blossom engagement session is a special kind of magic. The cotton candy pink trees, and fresh spring greens are so photogenic. It’s one of my favorite session locations! Jackie and Anthony are so much fun! These two were down for anything, making it a blast to photograph them. Their laughter and smiles were so contagious. I couldn’t help but beam as I was editing these. I am so excited to share their cherry blossom engagement session! But first you know I’ve gotta share a piece oof their love story.

Their Love Story

When I asked Jackie & Anthony to share with me one thing they love about each other, they gave the sweetest answers. Jackie: said, “I love how patient Anthony is with me. I get stressed out very easily and Anthony always knows how to calm me down and just be there for me.” Anthony said, “I love Jackie’s personality including all of her quirks, all those little things she does for me and her apple pie!”

How They Met

Jackie gave me the inside scoop all about how she and Anthony first met. She told me, “My friend Zach was Anthony’s RA in college. We would have people over at my house and Zach would bring Anthony and the rest of his residents. I remember when I first saw Anthony I told my friends and Zach “I want to be set up with him.” Apparently he told his friends the same thing lol! When we started talking we had soooo much in common and hit it off right away. We started dating April 2016 and I knew he was the one since then.”

The Proposal

These two have such a beautiful proposal story! Jackie tells it best! She said, “The proposal was a dream!! We were in Turks and Caicos and he booked a private beach dinner with tiki torches, candles, flowers. I sort of had a feeling so I wore white just in case but it was honestly the best day of my life (so far hehe). I remember he was sooo nervous and started sweating! He even hired a photographer to capture the moment!!”

Jackie said her favorite thing about being engaged is “planning our wedding and knowing we are getting closer to living together! Right now, Anthony lives on Long Island and I live in Jersey so we really only see each other on the weekends. We are hoping to buy a house before the wedding!” Anthony said his favorite thing about being engaged is “knowing that I am starting my life with my second half, something that we have been looking forward to for all these years!”

Jackie & Anthony

Jackie & Anthony, thank you so much for such a FUN afternoon playing in the cherry blossoms. You two are so wonderful, and I’m so grateful to get to capture this special season of your love story! I can’t wait to do it all again for your wedding day at Park Chateau! 🙂 Until then, enjoy your time being fiancés! Sending the biggest hug & all my love! xoxo

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