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Iconic Hoboken Engagement Session | Kristen & Jon

Their Session: Iconic Hoboken Engagement Session

Kristen & Jon’s iconic Hoboken engagement session was a dream!!! We got to take photos in all the most picturesque, classic Hoboken spots – the train station, cobblestone streets, and the waterfront! And as an added bonus, the place where Kristen and Jon had their first date! We even got the prettiest pink sky for our sunset on the waterfront! I am in love with these photos and can’t wait to share them all! But first…their love story!

Their Love Story

Kristen and Jon first met at a mutual friend’s birthday celebration in Atlantic City. At the time, Jon thought Kristen had a boyfriend. Kristen said, “we stayed friends and started dating years later.” For their first date, they went to dinner at Zack’s – a local favorite in Hoboken! Which made it extra special when we stopped by for a few photos at Zack’s during their session!

When I asked Kristen & Jon to share with me one thing they love about each other, they gave such sweet answers. Kristen said, “I love that he is always very calm cool and collected when I’m not, and always supportive.” Jon said, “I love how persistent and diligent she is with everything in her life. No detail no matter how small ever gets overlooked.”

The Proposal

You’ve got to hear how Jon proposed! He gave me the inside scoop! He said, “I had decided in June that I was going to ask Kristen to marry me, as soon as we booked our trip to Hawaii for September. I loved the idea of a surprise proposal. To keep it a secret for the next LONG 3.5 months, I only told our close family and friends. I had researched the most scenic locations in Hawaii to pop the question. I took control of planning our trip itinerary to make sure I could plan around a sunset proposal. Ironically, I ultimately decided on a place that Kristen unknowingly picked out herself! – Makena Cove in Maui, also known as Maui’s ‘secret beach’.”

“That day we went to lunch across the island at a restaurant we were dying to go to but couldn’t get a reservation at- we went as walk-ins as soon as they opened and were lucky enough to get seated for one of the best meals we’ve ever had. We went to the beach after lunch to enjoy the sun and even got to swim up close with sea turtles! It was an amazing day, and I knew it was only going to get even better with a perfect ending at sunset.”

“We headed back to our hotel room to change to watch the sunset at the secret beach but as soon as we got to the hotel it started to rain. Of course. I had already told a photographer to meet us there and Kristen’s mom had glasses engraved with the date, so even though my anxiety was through the roof I was determined to make it happen. I texted the photographer to push the time back a half hour but knew that to get the perfect sunset shots I wouldn’t have as much time as I planned now.”

“We left for the beach and my prayers were answered- it stopped raining as soon as we got there. But, as if the rain and cutting it close to sunset time wasn’t anxiety-inducing enough, we got to the beach and saw that it was much smaller than I expected it to be. And there were people everywhere (so much for it being “secret” ! ). “

“I wanted to wait for the perfect moment but I knew the clock was ticking on sunset and the crowd wasn’t leaving. In fact, more people were coming. So It was now or never. Beyond nervous, I held Kristen’s hand and took her to the water. I asked her if she loved me, and then I asked her to marry me. And now the rest is history!”

Kristen & Jon

Kristen & Jon, thank you guys for such an incredibly fun evening exploring all the iconic spots around Hoboken! You two are a blast, and it was so special to take your engagement photos in locations that are so meaningful to your story! I cannot WAIT for your wedding day at Florentine Gardens when we get to do it all again! For now, enjoy this season of being fiances! Sending all my love! xoxo

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