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In Home Family Newborn Session | Ashley & Jeff

Their Session: In Home Family Newborn Session

It felt so good to be reunited with Ashley & Jeff for their in home family newborn session with their newest edition: Cooper!! Cooper is the sweetest baby boy, and I was so excited to be able to capture this sweet newborn season for their family. In 2018, I had the honor of photographing Ashley & Jeff’s wedding at Kings Mills. (For a trip down memory lane, check out their wedding blog post here!) It’s always extra special to me when I get to stay connected with my couples, and photograph more life milestones for them. So this session was extra sweet for me.

I can’t wait to share all my favorite images from this newborn session! But first, I wanna share a little bit of Ashley & Jeff’s love story!

Their Love Story

Ashley & Jeff first met in a high school Psychology class. Ashley told me “In high school we were both very quiet, shy people. So naturally… we went through all of that year liking each other, but not really acting on anything. I also had both of his brothers as campers at the summer camp I worked for at the time. So I also spent a lot of time with them and was always super excited when Jeff would come to pick them up! Over the years we kept in touch, but that faded as we both went to college, started careers, etc.”

“But one day, he reached out on Facebook. I have changed a lot since high school and am much more outgoing and adventurous than I used to be. I’d just been to Disney World to run my first marathon and then Disneyland to do their Dumbo Dare races. I had shared a lot of pictures and it caught his attention so he reached out to say hi.”

“We ended up going on several dates and picking up pretty much right where we left off in high school. Both of us are much different and much more outgoing, but the chemistry and connection we had didn’t change at all. It was one of those things that I think timing was everything. If we had dated in high school, being the people we were then, I don’t know that it would have worked out. But reconnecting years later, it just clicked and I think we knew.”

The Proposal

Jeff proposed to Ashley in Disney after she completed a very meaningful and emotional Disney marathon race. The full story still gives me goosebumps to this day, because it is so incredibly thoughtful and special. I highly recommend a quick detour to their engagement session blog post to read it!

But Ashley described it, “Every second of it was absolutely perfect. He’s not a super huge Disney fan, but the fact that he put so much thought into Disney for me, after finishing a race he knew would be tough for me, my favorite photo location, & the engagement ring is actually a Disney engagement ring (from their Cinderella collection). I am so beyond lucky! After people stopped cheering and I got myself calmed down, he asked if I wanted to sit for a bit. My response: “Are you kidding? We have fast passes to meet Rapunzel and Tiana in 15 minutes and I can’t wait to tell them! Let’s go!””

This Disney race theme made another appearance in their newborn session! In true Ashley fashion, while pregnant with Cooper she completed another Disney run! I thought it was so sweet to include the medals & Mickey from that run in Cooper’s newborn session! 🙂

To the New Parents

Ashley and Jeff, I love you guys. What an honor it is to get to capture some of these memories in the first couple weeks of you two being mom & dad. Cooper is the luckiest to have the most amazing parents. Congratulations you guys! My heart is so full, and I couldn’t be happier for you both. Sending the biggest hug to you three!! xoxox

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