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Longwood Gardens Engagement Session | Nicole & Mark

Their Session: Longwood Gardens Engagement Session

Nicole and Mark’s Longwood Gardens engagement session was one for the books! Longwood Gardens has so many picturesque spots! It’s such a fun place to visit and an even more fun place to take photos! 🙂 Nicole and Mark are naturals! Their outfits were perfect, and they included some fun props! I loved their custom throw blanket, and the champagne glasses from their wedding venue, Indian Trail Club! I’m so pumped to share these photos! But first, let me tell you a little bit of their love story!

Their Love Story

I asked Nicole & Mark to share something they loved about each other. Nicole said, “Mark is very grounded, super thoughtful and has strong values that really align with mine.” Mark said, “Nicole is compassionate, thoughtful and she still loves me after all these years.”

They love spending date nights enjoying dinner & cocktails at fun restaurants! Nicole said that “Mark always jokes that I go to places for the “ambiance” but I’ve found most places that put effort into their space also have great food, and who doesn’t want to eat in a nice setting?”  

How They Met

Nicole and Mark first met in college! They went to Binghamton and met their sophomore year through mutual friends. They got really close through sophomore and junior year hanging out with their friend groups, and then senior year decided to give it a shot dating! 7 years later with some long distance in between, they moved to Philly together and are engaged!

The Proposal

Speaking of being engaged, you’ve got to hear how Mark popped the question! Nicole said, “It was a total surprise. We had talked about it but it was never with a timeframe in mind. Me just having moved in Sept 2019 I figured we would want some time before engagement so I wasn’t expecting it for another year maybe. One thing he was firm on was not wanting me involved at all, which I thought was so sweet but also, you know, wanted to have some say! So for several months I just sent him rings on Instagram that I loved haha! I thought he should at least know what I liked and I didn’t have to be “officially” involved. But even with this I figured we had some time.”

“Flash forward to last September we finally take a little vacation in Montauk (like most we hadn’t done our usual big summer vacation because of COVID). And the first night you popped the question on our little balcony. One thing I was firm on was wanting a nice private moment together and then being able to celebrate. So the rest of the trip we got to celebrate and enjoy the bliss. It was really special. “

I asked Nicole what her favorite thing about being engaged is, and she told me she’s excited to be “officially taking the next step after being together for 7 years (we knew we were on that path but its nice to be official). Knowing that I get to spend the rest of my life with someone who is so special to me.”

Nicole & Mark

Nicole & Mark, thank you so much for such a fun evening at Longwood Gardens! You two are such naturals in front of the camera, and it was so much fun capturing this little slice of your love story! I can’t wait to do it again on your wedding day next year! Sending you both the biggest hug! xoxo

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