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Manasquan NJ Beach Engagement | Dana & Matt

Their Session: Manasquan NJ Beach Engagement

Dana & Matt’s Manasquan NJ Beach engagement session was a JOY to photograph! These two are so much fun, I can still hear their laughs when I look at these photos. I had the best time with them; it felt like a fun evening at the beach with old friends. I loved that these two were up for anything: climbing out on the inlet rock jetty, having ice cream, popping champagne, and rolling in the sand included!

I’m positive I won’t ever stop laughing about the ice cream adventure. None of us had ever seen ice cream melt so fast (and it wasn’t even that hot out!!!!) But I love the laughter captured in those photos – they’re still some of my faves even if the ice cream melted crazy fast! I absolutely adore these two and am obsessed with how their session came out! I can’t wait to share my favorites, but first you gotta read about their love story.

Their Love Story

When I asked Dana & Matt to share one thing they love about each other they gave the perfect answers. Dana said, “His silliness! Matt can be pretty shy and quiet around new people, but when it is just the two of us he is full of energy and knows just how to make me laugh. I will shamelessly also give another answer and say that I love his loyalty – he fiercely protects those he loves.” Matt said, “I love how Dana brightens up a room anywhere she goes with her big smile and contagious laugh.”

How They Met

Dana & Matt met during their freshman year of college at the University of Maryland! Dana told me, “We lived 5 doors down from each other in the dorm. But we didn’t really meet until the second semester, which would have been early 2013. While not romantic at first, there was definitely something there and we quickly became very good friends. To this day, our families still tease us because they don’t believe that we were just friends. After about a year of friendship, things shifted and we officially started dating. Since then we graduated, did long distance for 2 years (he was in New Jersey and I was in Ohio), did short distance for a bit over 3 years (both in New Jersey about an hour apart), and then moved in together in Hoboken about 6 months ago!”

The Proposal

Their proposal story is such a sweet one. Dana told me the full scoop! She said, “My childhood best friend had her wedding in Ireland (where her husband is from). So Matt and I decided to plan a whole vacation around it. We somehow started a whole big joke – or so I thought – about how fun it would be to get engaged during the trip and kept up this routine for months.”

“We went on a tour to the Cliffs on our third day. When we arrived there Matt pointed at a specific spot and said we were going to hike up to it because it would have the best views. I argued for a minute because it looked dangerous (nothing between the trail and the edge of the cliff!). And I was nervous about making it back to the bus on time, but ultimately gave in because I knew he would be right about the views.”

“Once we got up there, we took some pictures and I was ready to head back down. But he insisted we take a few more. He then got all serious and started talking about our relationship to which I thought he was continuing our “lets get engaged in Ireland” joke. I told him that it had gone too far and to stop, but then he got down on a knee, and it turns out he actually was very serious!!! And to make the whole event even more special, he hired a photographer to capture the whole thing. 🙂 Looking back, there were definitely a few things I should have picked up on throughout the day but am so happy that I stayed blissfully unaware.”

Dana & Matt

Dana & Matt, you two are an absolute joy! I LOVED spending the evening with you two, photographing your love. Your laughs are contagious, and your connection with each other is the sweetest. I am beyond grateful for you guys and can’t wait for your wedding day next year at the Rockleigh! Until then, soak in every minute of being fiances! Sending the biggest hug! xoxo

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