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Micro-Wedding Ceremony, New Jersey | Laura & Scott

Their Wedding

Oh. My. Goodness. My first wedding back after quarantine could not have been a more perfect day. My good friend and fellow wedding photographer, Laura of Laura Lee Photography married the love of her life, Scott, and I had the privilege to be a part of their day and capture all these sweet memories. Laura and Scott had originally planned to have their wedding June 19th, 2020 but due to the pandemic they had to shift their plans a little bit. Although their big wedding was postponed until September, they still wanted to have their ceremony and get married on their original date! You guys, it was the most special day, and an amazing celebration of their love.

Their ceremony was so sweet and meaningful, officiated by Laura’s cousin who’s a priest, at the church where Scott was an alter boy back in the day. I loved that Laura & Scott included their cat, Tucker, in their day too! He even wore the cutest little bow tie – are we kidding?? One of my favorite parts of the day, was the surprise drive-by processional with so many friends and family wishing Laura and Scott a happy wedding day! They were so surprised and it was the sweetest way to celebrate!

Their Love Story

Before we dive into all the photos, let me tell you a little more about Laura & Scott and their story.

As Laura tells it, “Even though we went to the same college, it took going halfway across the world to finally meet. We both went to Philadelphia University for Architecture/Interior Design and during the pre-departure study abroad meeting we were given a list of everyone going to the same school as us. Scott was actually sitting behind me during that meeting, but we never introduced ourselves. Before we went abroad, I friended him on Facebook and told him we should be friends when we got to Copenhagen! Then, when our planes arrived at the Copenhagen airport, we, along with hundreds of other eager DIS students were waiting on a long passport line. I landed first, but Scott’s plane came in shortly after and he came up to me on the passport line and asked me if we had to wait on the line! I told him if he wanted to get his passport stamped he needed to! Once we got through customs and out of the airport, everyone was getting picked up by bus and brought to their respective dorm buildings. I distinctly remember standing out in the rain at a bus stop waiting for mine when I saw Scott on his. He yelled out the window at me and waved and asked where I lived and that we should meet up. Since I didn’t get wifi til the next day, I missed the first night out but messaged him on Facebook the next day and said we should get together!”

These two have the most romantic fairytale study abroad love story and it gives me CHILLS reading it! After a couple weeks (and a few adventures later) is when they made it official.

“At near midnight on February 14, 2012 (2.5 weeks after we met), Scott said something to me in Danish I didn’t understand “jeg har et spørgsmål” which means “I have a question”. He proceeded to ask me in English to be his Valentine and nervously blurted out “I got you chocolate, I don’t know if you like chocolate but I got it anyway and I know Valentine’s Day is almost over but I think everyone should have a Valentine and I was wondering if you’d be mine?” PHEW. He said it so fast! I excitedly said yes, and we spent the night walking along the Copenhagen Harbor in the freezing cold and the rain and we shared our first kiss.”

Seriously how sweet is that!? Now these details are important for the next part of the story… 🙂 Keep reading to see how Scott proposed!!!

“On our trip to Copenhagen in December 2018- 6 Years, 9 Months, and 22 Days after asking me to be his Valentine in Danish, Scott whispered the same sentence into my ear at near midnight in Tivoli Gardens in Copenhagen. Like a flashback to the day he first asked me out, he said something to me in Danish I didn’t understand “jeg har et spørgsmål” which means “I have a question”. This time, instead of asking me to be his Valentine, he asked me to marry him! It was at the end of a PERFECT day biking around Copenhagen to all our favorite places – the palace, the harbor where we had our first kiss, the Opera House, your dorm room building where we first said I love you, and a dozen other favorite Copenhagen landmarks. This time, Scott added a new favorite place to our itinerary, Tivoli Gardens. He proposed in the entrance which was the most magical experience in the world!! I CANNOT WAIT to say I GET TO MARRY MY BEST FRIEND!!!!!”

LITERALLY CHILLS!!! How magical and romantic is that!?!? Such a beautiful story!

When I asked Laura to share one thing she loves about Scott, she said, “(REALLY HARD to pick just 1) So I have to give a few haha! 1. Literally, ANYTIME Scott says he’s going to do something, he does it with 10000% effort. Whether it’s his job, coaching his soccer team, working out and getting healthy, flipping a house, or something else, he has so much integrity with his word it’s insane. And that just shows me how dedicated he also is to me and our relationship. That is something I admire so so so so so much about him.  2. He is literally the best friend anyone could ask for. He keeps in touch with people he went to pre-school with and it blows my mind.  If you are important to Scott, you will always know it, he will always keep in touch, and will always make you feel important and loved. And because of that, he has a HUGE group of friends (which I’m lucky enough have become my friends now too!) and it blows me away constantly how close they all are and how good he is at being a friend. It’s always something I loved about him. 3. HIS SMILE LIKE COOOOMMMMME ONNNN have you seen it!! Cutest freakin smile in the world. But overall, Scott makes me feel so loved, valued, honored and appreciated every single day.  For 8.5 years he’s made me feel like the only girl on the planet and I feel so insanely lucky I get to be his WIFE! WHAT?!?!?!?!”

To the Newlyweds

Congratulations, Laura & Scott!!! You’re MARRIED! I am so so happy for you guys! I’m so honored to have been a part of your day and capture these memories for you guys! I’m so pumped for you to celebrate with everyone on the big day in September! Sending you guys a huge hug! (And a big smooch to Tucker!) Love you!!!! xoxo


Bride Prep & Detail Photos | Sydney Thomas
Photo Assistant | Ryan Hardin
Bride’s Hair | Styles on Location
Bride’s Makeup | Samantha Linn
Bride’s Dress | Lulu’s
Ceremony Location | Our Lady of Good Counsel
Portrait Location | Laurelwood Arboretum
Florals | Whisper & Brook

  1. Oh Laura!!! Seriously you look amazing! No covid hair going in there at all! I’m so very happy for you and your photographer did an amazing job capturing your special day! 😍

  2. Love all the happy, beautiful photos, congratulations to Laura and Scott!!!

  3. Lucy. Cannata says:

    JUST GORGEOUS! You ALL look Amazing !!! Love the pics with adorable kitty!!!! BEAUTIFUL 💖👍

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