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Mohonk Mountain House, New Paltz, NY Anniversary Session | Helen & Ian

Their Anniversary Session:
Mohonk Mountain House,
New Paltz, NY

Mohonk Mountain House is such a BEAUTIFUL place, and I have been lucky enough to shoot there several times now, and with every visit it gets more and more beautiful. Needless to say, I was stoked when Helen reached out about taking anniversary photos there!! Helen told me, “Mohonk is such a special place for us…My family has been going to Mohonk since 1994 (even though we were living in Missouri, so it was a journey!), and Ian and I first went there together for our mini-moon right after we were married in 2016.” I always love when couples choose a meaningful location for their session, and Mohonk felt like the perfect place to photograph Helen & Ian!

Anniversary sessions are something super close to my heart. I truly believe that it’s so important to keep documenting your love story, and have photos taken far beyond your wedding day. It made me so happy that Helen & Ian have a tradition of taking a photo of them every year, holding a framed photo with last year’s anniversary photo. Such a fun tradition and way to celebrate another year of marriage in the books!

Helen and Ian are so sweet and friendly; they’re the kind of people who make you feel like an old friend even if it’s the first time you’re meeting! I absolutely adore these two, and had the best time with these two exploring all the gorgeous grounds at Mohonk! From the stunning views of the house, the perfectly blue lake, and the wild, vibrant blooms in the garden, it’s impossible to choose a favorite spot.

Their Love Story

Want to hear how these two first met!? As Helen tells it, “We met when we were eleven years old and sang in the same section of the symphony choir. Our dads worked for the same corporation at the time, so they were chatting in the parking lot when picking us up one night and introduced us then. We went to secondary school together, and our friendship evolved towards the end of high school. We’re bound by deep love and admiration for one another, lots of shared history, and gratitude that we never had to date as adults.”

For their first date, Helen & Ian went to see some friends (who were later in their wedding!) in a production of West Side Story, and then went to get bread pudding for a late night treat. This would be the first of MANY bread pudding runs in their future!

When I asked Helen & Ian to share one thing they love about each other, Helen said, “​The way he supports me, our family, and his friends. If you are playing in a concert, he’ll be in the audience. If your mom has been sick, he’ll be texting you every day to check in.” And Ian said he loves “That Helen is so considerate.”

Helen & Ian

Helen & Ian, thank you guys so much for having me document this milestone for you guys! It was such a joy to get to know you guys and visit a place that’s so special to you both. Cheers to another year of marriage in the books, and many more adventures to come! Sending you guys a huge hug! xoxo

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