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Morris Plains, NJ Anniversary Session | Steph & Justin

Their Session:
Morris Plains, NJ

Anniversary sessions always have a special place in my heart. I believe it is so important to continue documenting and telling your love story far beyond the wedding day! Any time I get to photograph an anniversary session and celebrate a couples’ marriage, I’m SO in. The story of not just where they are in life, but where they’re going is so special and unique, and deserves to be celebrated!

I was honored when my videographer besties Steph and Justin asked me to photograph their anniversary session! I loved getting to soak in all the gorgeous golden light in a tall grassy field in Morris Plains. We had a BLAST. šŸ™‚ Our other industry BFF Michelle Elise Artistry did Steph’s hair & makeup for our shoot! Michelle is amazing – when all three of us get to work together on a wedding day it’s also known as #thedreamteam.

Steph and Justin are a super talented husband & wife videographer team – ToneMedia! We love working together all the time, and of course they will be doing Ryan and my wedding video too! They’re just the best. I can’t even put into words how much I adore these two. Steph & Justin are talented beyond words at storytelling and videography, and they have hearts of gold. I’m so grateful for these two.

Their Love Story

I’m going to let Steph tell you a little more about their love story. As Steph tells it, “Justin and I met back in high school when we were just 15 years old. He had moved from living in Jersey City his whole life down to central Jersey in East Windsor, which is where I lived and grew up. We will never forget the time we met during 4th period lunch sophomore year of high school.  We quickly became best friends and connected over the game DDR, which was super popular at the time. We used to get together every weekend with our group of friends and take turns playing DDR at each other’s houses. We were best friends for about 1-1/2 years before we decided to take our relationship to the next level. We were a little nervous to start dating because we didn’t want to ruin the great friendship that we had, but we took the chance. And we are so happy that we did because we have been inseparable ever since! Now, we have been married for 6 years but together for over 16 years! We have been through so much together and really have grown up together. We got to graduate high school together, go through college, live together, and now working together!”

These two got married in October 2013 at Washington Crossing Inn! Fall has always been their favorite season! “We love the colors and the crisp air and of course fall always means the start of football season! Go Jets!” And now every Fall they celebrate another year of marriage in the books! šŸ™‚

Steph said, “Documenting our journey as a couples has always been so important to us. Ever since Justin and I met, we have been taking photos and videos to capture moments, big and small, in our life. We were so excited to have one of our very best vendor friends, Jen, take anniversary photos for us!  It was our first anniversary session! Usually, we are behind the camera together, but this time it was so much fun having Jen take photos of us. The photos she took capture us just perfectly and we will cherish these memories and photos forever!”

Steph & Justin

Steph & Justin, you guys are seriously amazing. I so admire your continually growing love for each other, and the way you guys make such a perfect team. Thank you so much for having me document this season of your lives, and for everything you do! I love you both so much! Cheers to 6 years of marriage in the books, and many more to go! xoxo

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