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Palm Desert Anniversary Session | Megan & Daniel


Anniversary sessions are my favorite! I love getting to celebrate love stories far beyond the wedding day. Every year of marriage is another chapter, that’s so special to document. To celebrate Megan & Daniel’s one year we did a Palm Desert anniversary session in Southern California! I loved this session capturing the two of them, and their sweet baby girl, Everly! I can’t wait to share all these photos, but first their love story…


I asked Megan & Daniel to share one thing they love about each other. Megan said, “Just one thing?  I love his bravery. He is one of the bravest people I know and yet one of the most caring and thoughtful. Even though he’s brave, he can be vulnerable with me… that makes me feel like he lets me in on a part of him that not many others get to see.” Daniel said, “I love her goofiness because it always brightens my day.”

How They Met

Megan & Daniel originally connected over social media & after the fourth time Daniel asked Megan on a date, she finally agreed. Megan said, “He was late, disheveled, forgot his wallet, driving crazy in traffic – you name it. As someone who is very organized, it totally put me on edge! He had just gotten off of a 12-hour shift from working in the hospital but didn’t want to reschedule or postpone since I had finally agreed to a date. Poor guy, I had no idea at the time… I was just thinking “this guy seems like a mess!”

On their first date, they went out to eat and then drove up to the mountains to look at the city skyline and talk. Daniel said he fell in love from the first date… but Megan says she didn’t really feel “smitten” until their third date. 😉

Their Family

Want to hear how Daniel proposed? They went out to dinner and then Daniel took Megan to the place where they had their first kiss – the most magical overlook, which happened to have a beautiful sunset painting the sky that evening! Shortly after they got engaged, they found out the best surprise ever: they were pregnant with their first baby! Last December, Megan & Daniel eloped at a local chapel. And then Megan gave birth to Everly in April! 🙂


Congratulations on one year of marriage! This has been such a milestone year, becoming husband & wife, and then parents to the cutest little girl on the face of the planet! Cheers to one year of marriage in the books and many more to come! xoxo

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