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Round Valley Reservoir Engagement | Amy & Sam

Their Session: Round Valley Reservoir Engagement

Amy & Sam’s Round Valley Reservoir engagement session still has me smiling so hard that my cheeks are sore. We spent the entire shoot cracking up in laughter and bouncing through the grassy fields and wildflowers. Amy & Sam are the type of people who instantly make you feel so comfortable. Their engagement session felt like an evening just hanging out with my close friends. It was amazing. I loved photographing these two, and am beyond excited to share (way too many) favorite images! 🙂 But first, you have to read a bit of their love story. It’s incredibly sweet and gives me all the emotional feels.

Their Love Story

When I asked Amy & Sam to share with me one thing they love about each other, they gave such thoughtful answers. Amy said, “Oh goodness one thing okay. How sweet he is. He always gives me a hug and a kiss when we leave for work and when we get home and he builds me back up when I’ve had a bad day.” Sam said, “Everything! But one in particular is how goofy she is, goofier than me even, though she hides it sometimes. I also love how she wants to spend time with me even when I’m grumpy. And how even though she’s really smart, she never makes me feel stupid. I love that I always feel comfortable with her. She’s my favorite person in the world.”

Amy & Sam love to spend date nights exploring new local restaurants near their apartment. Amy said, “We chat the whole time (it will never cease to amaze me that we always have tons to talk about, we spend so much time together already), laugh over a drink or two, then typically go for a walk. The night usually ends with us cuddled up together with a good movie! But honestly, every outing with Sam can feel like a date. He loves holding my hand, giving me quick kisses, making me feel loved. I didn’t know that kind of love existed, and could last. Everyone keeps asking us when our honeymoon phase will end and I hope it never does.”

How They Met

Amy & Sam have that soulmate kind of love. And it all started when they connected on Hinge! Sam told me, “There were multiple times that I thought Amy wasn’t going to reply to me on Hinge so I was just really excited that we got to a first date lol” Sam invited Amy out to rooftop drinks, and as Amy tells it, “We met at a restaurant that didn’t have the promised rooftop, so after a few drinks, I brought him to one down the street with a great view of the Empire State Building (or as Sam called it, “the Eiffel Tower”). Six hours and many drinks later, we left the rooftop and agreed to spend the fourth of July together for date #2! (Which is a whole other story. I met his parents on that date! XD)”

The Proposal

“I knew it was coming and I still cried.” Amy tells their proposal story best. It’s so sweet! She said, “Sam had booked us a belated three-year-anniversary glamping trip (glamping in the broadest of terms; the toilet was a bag and so was the shower) and would not stop talking about it. He kept asking if I was excited, if I liked the spot he chose, if I had a guess about the surprise dinner he’d be bringing. We often go actual camping, which we both very much enjoy, but I could tell that this was special.”

“We got to the spot (“after driving through the second cornfield, make a left”), a small, secluded section in the woods, and I thought either this is where he proposes or this is where he murders me because no one would ever find my body. As we were setting up camp, he asked me to unpack the surprise dinner and tell him what it was. As I was describing the food, he, unbeknownst to me, set up his phone to take a video, then grabbed the ring from the tent. I heard him get down on one knee behind me and knew that was it! It was short and sweet (and he cried first, don’t let anyone tell you different) and we got to spend the rest of the weekend in engaged bliss, wandering through cornfields in the dark surrounded by fireflies, going on nature walks to learn about the local birds, holding hands and smiling hugely at each other with no one else needing to know why.”

Amy & Sam

Amy & Sam, thank you guys from the bottom of my heart for being so incredible. Your laughter is contagious, and the love you two share for each other is so inspiring. It was such a joy to spend an evening with you two capturing the pure bliss of your never-ending honeymoon phase. I can’t wait to do it again this summer for your wedding day at Florentine Gardens! Until then, soak in every minute of this fiance season! Sending the biggest hug your way! I love you guys! xoxo

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