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Rutgers University Engagement | Chelsea & Brian

Their Session: Rutgers University Engagement

Chelsea & Brian’s Rutgers University engagement session was incredible. These two picked Rutgers for their session location since it plays such a big role in their story. We took photos in the stadium, and around campus where their love story began. Chelsea and Brian are so fun-loving and energetic. It was such a fun experience throwing some crazy posing ideas their way, and watching them nail every single one! I feel like I can never say it enough, but truly, my couples are the absolute best! I’m so pumped to share these photos, but first I want to share a little bit of their love story!

Their Love Story

When I asked Chelsea and Brian to share with me one thing they love about each other, Chelsea said, “Brian is an incredibly supportive, positive, and calming presence in my life. He knows me better than anyone, and always knows how to make me smile, how to calm me down, and help me see the bright side of all situations. He’s my partner in all things, and my best friend :)” Brian said, “I love Chel’s sense of humor, how big her heart is for others, and how she constantly keeps me grounded and honest. She calls me on my shit (in a good way), I am a better person with Chel.”

How They Met

Ok, here’s where the Rutgers location comes into play! Chelsea gave me the inside scoop on how she and Brian met! “Brian played on the men’s lacrosse team at Rutgers, and I played on the women’s lacrosse team there! Our teams spent a lot of time together, and he stood out to me from the start for many reasons. But mostly because he’s super fun and lighthearted (not bad on the eyes either :)”

“Brian is also from Chicago and I’m from Long Island, which meant when we had breaks from school during the year we would visit each other and get to know one another’s families really well. We became best friends very quickly because we have so many interests in common, but also came from different backgrounds. We’re always teaching each other new things and exploring new activities together. We love to have fun and laugh together, and we are so excited to finally get married in 2022. We have been together since 2012!”

The Proposal

Wait til you hear how Brian proposed to Chelsea!!! It’s such a good story! Chelsea tells it best, “Brian did a great job on the proposal! Growing up, I would go camping in Montauk on the beach with my family. It’s my favorite place, and I brought Brian on our trips once we started dating. This past summer, we decided to drive out there for the day because we were feeling down about having to cancel a trip with his family due to Covid. He said let’s go there to get our minds off of work and the pandemic and all. We drove out super early, and went for a walk when we got to the beach, which is something we always do at the beach so I had no idea he was planning anything.”

“After we walked a little, he stopped us and we talked about Montauk and it being my favorite place for a bit, then he knelt down and had a beautiful ring in his hand! To be honest, I thought he was joking at first because he knelt in front of the only other people on the beach which I thought was odd. Then I realized those other people were taking photos of us, and it turned out to be my 3 best girlfriends from high school there to take photos and pop champagne! I was so surprised.”

“Then after hanging on the beach for a while, Brian said we had to pack up and head to my parents house who live a little over an hour from Montauk because my mom and dad wanted to see us. Once we got there, not only were my parents there but Brian’s parents and brothers had flown in from Chicago to surprise me. There was a little Engagement celebration with our families and a few friends. It was such an incredible day- like I said, Brian did a great job!”

Chelsea & Brian

Chelsea & Brian, thank you both for SUCH a fun time taking your engagement photos at Rutgers! You two are a blast, and SO MUCH FUN to photograph! I am already so excited for your wedding day when I get to photograph you again- this time at Fiddler’s Elbow Country Club! 🙂 Until then, enjoy every minute of this season of being fiancés! Sending you both all my love! xoxo

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