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Surprise Winter Proposal | Jamila & Jason

​Words cannot even describe how special it is to be able to photograph special moments for people…especially when those people are your besties! 🙂 Jason reached out with the news that he was planning a surprise winter proposal to ask Jamila to marry him, and I was screaming with excitement for days!

Jamila is one of my besties – we were college roomies, and she’s also a fashion & style guru and amazing blogger – check out her blog What Jam Loves here! Jason invited Ryan and I to be a part of the surprise and witness the proposal! (And you KNOW I couldn’t resist, I had to bring my cameras and capture the moment, too!) I was bouncing around my apartment for days trying to keep my excitement contained waiting for this day! Jason planned such a perfect proposal including friends and family, as well as live music, to celebrate the occasion! It was perfect!

Their Surprise Winter Proposal: Teaneck NJ

Since I got the advanced inside scoop while this surprise winter proposal was being planned, I especially loved getting to hear about it from Jamila’s perspective as the one getting surprised. She told me the story, “So this is a really funny one. I’ll try to keep it short. About a week prior to the proposal I was having one of my quarantine breakdowns where I throw a tantrum about being sick of doing the same thing every day, so Jason suggested we get all dolled up and have a fun romantic weekend since it was Valentine’s Day and also our 2 year and 5 month anniversary.”

“On the day of our anniversary (the day before Valentine’s Day) I straightened my hair, painted my nails, and put on a cute outfit. The plan was to take blog pictures in my outfit and then just come back home and have ourselves a cute date night (or so I thought).”

“Jason was being all weird about me bringing a warmer coat which I never do when I take blog pictures because I figure I’ll just brave the cold for 20 minutes and then warm up when I get back in the car. I started getting annoyed about having to bring a heavier coat so I kept asking him if we’re going to be walking around or something but he wasn’t being straight forward and I wouldn’t let it go so eventually he told me we were going to see my mom at the courtyard by her job as a surprise.”

“Of course I felt bad for being dramatic and ruining the surprise. So basically I thought we were going to take blog pictures and then see my mom. I had no clue he was going to propose. It was so amazing to see some of my favorite people in the world there to celebrate with us. And the band…omg so cute!! I did notice he was acting really antsy and anxious all week but I thought he was just stressed about work. I never would have guessed! I’m still on cloud 9!”

Before we dive into some of my favorite photos from this surprise winter proposal, I want to share more about Jamila & Jason’s love story!

Their Love Story

​When I asked Jamila and Jason to each share one thing they love about each other, Jamila said, “Yikes! It’s really tough to pick just one thing but I love how genuinely kind and loyal he is to the people he loves. He will always go above and beyond when it comes to his family and friends. I make fun of him and tell him he does entirely too much sometimes but honestly I think it’s an amazing quality and he’s just the best human ever!”

Jason said, “So many things I love about her. How can I pick just one? I love how she’s truly the best partner that I could have ever imagined. She is so understanding and cares so deeply about me and the people she loves. I always feel like we are on the same page all the way down to the things we laugh at. I love her laugh and sense of humor and we laugh so hard together. Our families also mesh so well that it feels like we’ve always been one big family.” How cute are they? I can’t even take it! Reading through their answers to these questions just gives me goosebumps. It makes my heart so happy to see one of my best friends so in love and engaged to marry the love of her life!

​Their typical date night (pre-covid) is all about enjoying dinner and red wine at a fancy restaurant! Jamila said, “I know it sounds cliche but that’s my idea of a good time. Sometimes we’ll switch it up and go to a dine-in theater and eat and drink there instead haha! In the summer we love finding cute restaurants on the water. There’s nothing better than eating outside by the water on a beautiful summer evening. Super excited that it’s starting to get warmer out so we can get back to that!”

How They Met

Want to hear how Jamila & Jason met?! As Jamila tells it, “We met at a mutual friend’s birthday party. It was an indoor soccer party. I wanted nothing to do with playing soccer so I met up with everyone towards the end of the game because they were all going out for drinks afterwards which sounded like a much better time to me. When I got there my friend, Vikkie greeted me and introduced me to everyone. One of those people was Jason.”

“He says when he first saw me he was like “Woah, who is this now? I gotta talk to her.” It was love at first sight. Anyway, long story short, we all met for drinks later on that evening. I didn’t stay very long so he asked if I wanted to go out for a drink another time. I gave him my number and he texted me a couple days later. We met up for dinner and drinks that Friday and we’ve been inseparable ever since!”

Jamila & Jason

Jammy & Jason, I am SO beyond happy for you two! Thank you so much for having Ryan and I be a part of this incredibly special day! We love you guys so much, and cannot wait for all the celebrating still to come! Cheers to being ENGAGED!!! Enjoy every minute of being fiances!!! XOXO

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