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The Key to Your Wedding Day Florals | Blue Jasmine

You guys, I am so excited to continue this series of featured vendor blog posts with some wise words from the incredibly talented Paulina of Blue Jasmine! Paulina is a floral designer and friend, who I absolutely LOVE! Her floral design work is literally out of this world, so I couldn’t think of anyone better to ask for some tips on wedding day florals!! Below is all the text and wisdom from Paulina, as well as where to find her online! THANK YOU PAULINA!!! xoxo

There is no better way to express yourself on your wedding day than through your wedding florals. Beautiful and full of life, fresh-cut flowers represent the ephemeral, celebratory and ever special romance of this first day of the rest of your life together. And more than any other element of your wedding, your flowers also can speak to the exact tone you want to set for this day, whether they’re lush and garden-y or clean and modern. Beyond an inspiration photo or two or even an overflowing Pinterest board, here is what you need to know to ensure your wedding flowers completely capture your vision:

Color is Key.

Your color palette is the cornerstone to initiating a conversation with your florist. Keep in mind that green is nature’s neutral, so color palettes should truly be about 2-3 colors. However, you can build accent colors off of your base colors. For example, you might choose blush and ivory as base colors with gold as an accent. You can expand a bit further with an extended palette of blush, peach, coral, creamy ivory, pale yellow, mustard yellow… Here you have essentially taken a fuller gamut of pinks and reinterpreted the idea of “gold” by including the color in your florals and not just your vase or candle décor. Bottom line, keep an open mind and trust your florist to harmonize your chosen color palette through the season’s flower offering.

Fit the Venue.

Remember your venue when thinking of color, style and centerpiece design. For example, if your venue has a red accent wall, an all-purple arrangement might be tricky to make harmonic in the space. Also, consider the architecture and layout of your venue; for instance, tall arrangements are appropriate when you have tall ceilings, as they are instrumental in filling the visual space.

Add Dimension.

Mixing designs on your tables is a great way to add dimension to your reception. For instance, you can mix two low designs or create a mix of high and low.

Table Shapes Matter.

Arrangements should be designed to the table as well, whether they are round or rectangular. Round tables lend themselves to a single component or a grouping that echoes the round shape of the table. Longer tables should have a linear design or a grouping of designs that follows the horizontal line of the table; this avoids your arrangements resembling a bull’s eye or polka dot.

Celebrate the Season.

When discussing specific flowers, be open to seasonal varieties. Using blooms that are in season will make for better floral arrangements, because the flowers are robust and in their prime. Think of flowers as food: tomatoes taste best in the summer and not so great in the winter.

As you prepare for your special day, find a floral vendor whose approach matches your vision and then place your trust in them. They are there to guide you and advise you on how to make your vision become a reality. Let your florist make your wedding the most beautiful it can be, and you are sure to adorn your day with floral designs that will be firmly rooted in many warm memories to come.

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