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The Mansion at Natirar Wedding, Peapack, NJ | Morgan & Matt

Their Wedding:
The Mansion at Natirar

Morgan and Matt’s wedding day at The Mansion at Natirar in Peapack, New Jersey was nothing short of perfection! I love everything about this stunning venue that sits at the top of a beautiful hill overlooking the park and trees below. Beyond their incredible venue, I love how Morgan and Matt incorporated their furbabies, two cats named Monkey and Toast, into their wedding day! Their love for one another and their little furbaby family was SO sweet and the little touches throughout the day gave everyone a reason to smile. They included their cats in some of their photos that were displayed during cocktail hour, they had an honorary mention during the ceremony, of course, and my favorite – they had signature drinks mixed and named after their cats! You have to see the amazing painting for the signature drinks that Matt’s mother made!! I was so blown away by the thoughtful detail!

It might not sound like much, but it’s one of the MOST meaningful things when my couples request for their band to play Shout just for me! Of course, the rest of the guests enjoy it too (how could they not?!), but knowing that my bride or groom went the extra mile to share that special moment and dance with me is everything!!! I feel so blessed to have the best couples on the planet! You know I had to tear up the dance floor with Morgan for my fave song! 😉

It was so apparent how much thought and care both Morgan and Matt put into their wedding day. Matt sweetly wrote Morgan a love letter for her to read just moments before their emotional first look! He took some time to be alone and just think through all of the emotions he was feeling on his big day and wrote from the heart. He wanted to deliver it in a special way, so he had his brother fold it up into a perfect little fortune! Little did Matt know, Morgan had written him a card, as well! So, while Matt waiting for his bride-to-be to come out to see him, he fiddled with the envelope and read her sweet words that kicked off such an incredible day. It was such a nice surprise for Morgan to read her fortune-folded note right before she finally got to see her soon-to-be husband, as well! It made their first look just that much more emotional! 🙂

I absolutely loved our golden hour portraits with the gorgeous views, golden sunlight, and pink dogwood flowers!! I seriously couldn’t stop myself – I could’ve photographed these two for hours and hours if only sunset would last that long. 😉 

Their Love Story

Morgan and Matt met at a mutual friend from Rutgers’ wedding on a Saturday. Matt remembers Morgan wearing a red dress (which Morgan says she doesn’t think she can ever get rid of!). They had both come with a friend rather than date (Morgan with her good friend Catie, who was also a friend of the groom, and Matt with his good friend Sharo, who knew Morgan from Rutgers, and was in a fraternity with Matt and with the groom). Did ya keep track of all of that?! Pretty much, these two had mutual friends but never knew one another!

Sharo introduced Matt to Morgan by saying, “This is my pledge, Matt,” and that’s how this whole thing started! They really hit it off the next day, when they all went to the beach together! Morgan insisted on everyone trying this weird minty coffee drink that Matt had bought at Wawa on the way to the beach…not knowing that Matt was a little bit of a germaphobe and it was killing him inside having everyone use his straw, but he didn’t say anything! Morgan wanted to go in the water and no one else did, so Matt went in with her, and she threw a floating piece of styrofoam at him (again, not realizing that throwing a piece of floating garbage at Matt was the worst thing she could do). They saw a barge floating way out in the ocean and for some reason started joking about swimming out to it and getting married on it. Morgan friended Matt on Facebook on the way home, and Matt saw the request when he had logged in to find Morgan to friend her! They started Facebook chatting and talked the whole rest of that day, into the night, and just kept going. 🙂

These two didn’t waste a minute – their first date was the following Wednesday! They met up at a bar called “George Street Ale House” in New Brunswick after work to get drinks. They were only going to get a quick drink, but they were enjoying talking so much that they went to another restaurant next door (“Harvest Moon”) and got dinner! They chatted for hours and it just flowed and landed them here, tying the knot at the beautiful Mansion at Natirar surrounded by their loved ones.

Morgan says that she “loves how he makes me laugh so much; he’s really clever and always surprises me with a hilarious, witty comment” and Matt says that he loves “how Morgan always thinks about me before she thinks about herself.” These two selfless souls are such a powerful and beautiful duo. I love seeing their joy radiate when they’re together.

To the Newlyweds

Here’s to the start of a beautiful marriage and many years of kitty snuggles, witty jokes, and all the joy & laughter you could wish for. Thank you both so much for including me as a part of your love story and journey together. It has been such an honor to get to know you both, share so many special memories with you, and to see your story continue. I can’t wait to see what’s next for you two! Congratulations, newlyweds! Love you both so much! <3

Second Photographer | Tori Kelner
Photography Assistance | Rachel Dennis
Ceremony & Reception Venue | The Mansion at Natirar
Dress Boutique & Designer | Bijou Bridal
Shoes | Jimmy Choo
Hair Stylist | Kristen Okaly
Makeup Artist | Jenielle Jensen
Wedding Rings | Tiffany & Co.
Photobooth | Amazebooths
Band | EBE Entertainment, Paris
Florist | Roberts Florals
Cake & Catering | The Mansion at Natirar
Bridesmaids Dresses | D’Zage, Bijou Bridal
Groom Attire | BLACK by Vera Wang
Groomsmen Attire | BLACK by  Vera Wang, Men’s Wearhouse
Invitation | Minted
Officiant | Celia Milton
Olive Tree Plant Favor | Eastern Leaf

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