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Wawa Hoagiefest Contest

As you guys know, my love for Wawa is a very real thing. Now combine that with my love of photography, and I’m in heaven! Every year Wawa has Hoagiefest during the summer where they have discounted prices on Hoagies, ans well as fun limited time recipes. This year they also had a hoagiefest photo contest where you had to show how you are celebrating Hoagiefest. Naturally, I take these contests very seriously, and came up with a game plan. I created a Hoagiefest summer picnic for two photograph.

Yes, I did get those flowers to specifically match the colors of the Hoagiefest wrapper. 🙂

And because I’m so dedicated to the cause, I was over the moon at winning one of the prizes. Thank you, Wawa for being so awesome!

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