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The Wawa Triple Crown

Hey friends! I have some crazy exciting news to share! Okay, so maybe no one will find this quite as exciting as I do, but nonetheless I’m thrilled to share! As some of you may have seen, followed along, or even voted for my photo in the past, over the course of the year I’ve won two Wawa photo contests: the Wawa coffee contest and the Hoagiefest contest. Seeing that Wawa is my favorite thing ever, I was very proud of these achievements.

When Wawa announced their I <3 Wawa coffee video contest, naturally I had to give it a go. Now, video is a medium I’ve dabbled in, but I would by no means call myself a videographer. The contest required participants to create a video highlighting your love of Wawa coffee in 20 seconds or less.  All the late night editing sessions, road trips, school projects, girls nights with my best friend…so many memories all fueled by Wawa coffee. How could I possibly condense my lifetime of love for Wawa coffee into 20 seconds!?

The stakes were high as it is to win this contest, but when I saw what the prize was, I knew this was the most important one yet. 25 winners would receive a gift card in tiered amounts, AND (drumroll please…) a limited edition exclusive “I <3 Wawa Coffee” sweatshirt. WHAAAT?! I had to have it. I needed to own this exclusive piece of Wawa fan gear. Let the games begin!

After days of brainstorming, I finally came up with a concept that I felt could withstand the competition and accurately depict my all-consuming love for Wawa with the dedicated help of my boyfriend, Ryan and my sister, Megan. (Thanks guys!)

Here is what we created:

Yes, *almost* all of the photos in the album required a separate photo shoot in itself to create. And yes, we spent an hour shooting to get 20 good seconds of footage. BUT let me tell you…all this hard work paid off when Wawa notified me I was one of the third prize winners. I would soon have my very own exclusive Wawa sweatshirt!!!! Ahhhh!! Naturally this resulted in a screaming victory lap around the house. I am a self-proclaimed Wawa triple crown winner (which is like the highest honor I could conceivably achieve). 😉

Here it is in all it’s glory…my new favorite sweatshirt. It’s the little things, friends. 🙂 Happy Wednesday!

  1. says:

    I love this! Looks like it was a lot of fun to create and allowed you to stretch your creativity!

  2. Haha!! This is super cute and Congrats! 😛

  3. Randy says:

    Way to go Jen, wear it in good health and keep up the good work.

  4. WHOO HOOO!! Congrats!! you crack me up. I love this. Still haven’t tried Wawa. I guess that needs to change soon?

    • says:

      Hahaha, thanks girl! 😉 Ummm yes, that needs to change….immediately. Let’s make it happen! Haha xoxox

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