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3 Ways to Take Care of Your Brand New Bling

WOOHOO! You’re engaged! There is so much excitement going on when you first say “YES!!!” to the person you want to spend the rest of your life with. šŸ™‚ I don’t know about you, but my engagement ring is the nicest piece of jewelry I’ve ever owned! I’m not a big jewelry wearer, so this was a whole new ball game for me to have something so beautiful to wear every day! (Side note – Yes, it’s totally normal to catch yourself mesmerized by the sparkle. ;))

I learned a lot in the first few months of being engaged on how to take care of my new engagement ring! Below, I’m going to share my top three tips of how to take care of your new bling, for anyone who’s newly engaged!

Insure that rock!

In my opinion, you can’t put a price on peace of mind. Let’s face it, if something were to happen to my engagement ring – like it got lost, or damaged, or stolen – I would be heartbroken. But having to then pay to repair/replace my ring on top of it, would just be added salt to the wound. Insurance is one of those things that you always hope you never actually have to cash in on, but on the off-chance you do, having insurance is SO worth it.

There are multiple different ways to insure your engagement ring including through your homeowners insurance, or separate jewelry insurance. In our case, we used Jeweler’s Mutual! I liked the simplicity of it, that jewelry insurance is their specialty, and the they coverage provided! But definitely do some research of what options there are and what works best for you! You’ll need some information, like appraisal paperwork, which in our case came with the ring, so we already had it on hand. Make sure to hold onto any of the papers that came with your ring! 

An engagement ring sits on a cherry blossom bloom, in Branch Brook Park.

Get a ring box.

I’m the kind of person who wears my ring MOST of the time – even when I sleep haha. But for those times where I do need to take it off, I always, always, always put it in my ring box. No exceptions. I think about when we were kids my sister would lose her glasses sometimes, and my dad would tell her to always keep them “on your face or in the case”. The one time where you don’t put them in the case, or don’t put your ring in the box, is when you’ll lose it. So if you don’t have a ring box, get one! Ryan got me a cute little velvet ring box when he proposed, so that’s my designated ring spot. On my finger, or in the box! I bring that box even when I travel, and anytime I’m ever taking my ring off for any reason, that’s where it goes! I would definitely recommend getting a ring box and committing to always keeping your ring in it, anytime it’s off your finger.

Where do you get one? If you want something super special, The Mrs. Box has tons of beautiful customizable, ring boxes, you can find some on Etsy, even Amazon has plenty of cute, inexpensive options, like this velvet one linked here!

Keep it sparkling!

Being so attached to my ring, I haven’t wanted to part with it for professional cleaning yet, but at the same rate, I LOVE watching this thing sparkle. When it catches some good sunlight, it really shines! I always think, “there’s no way it could sparkle anymore than it does right now”, but then I clean it with this simple DIY cleaner and it’s NEXT LEVEL sparkly. šŸ™‚ The Diamond Dazzle Stik was recommended to me by a friend and it is the BEST! You simply twist it to get some cleaning solution into the brush bristles, the use the brush to clean your ring, rinse, and voila! Sparklier and cleaner then ever! The best part? A Dazzle Stik is only $7 on Amazon! I know, right? So good.

I hope these tips were helpful to take care of your new beauty! Enjoy daydreaming and staring and your gorgeous new bling!

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