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Antonia & Mike | Ringwood State Park Engagement Session

Antonia and I went to college together at Montclair State University, and both studied photography in the BFA program. Our whole class was a tight knit group of really wonderful people. We would all share stories while printing in the darkroom, or hang out together in the classroom while waiting for negatives to dry. The photography program definitely made for lots of great friendships. 🙂 So naturally, when Antonia reached out to me about photographing her wedding, I was over the moon! There’s something really special about documenting and being a part of a friend’s wedding day.

Antonia and Mike met accidentally, since Mike’s dad and Antonia’s pop were friends. She had spotted him a few times before they met, and one of their first conversations was all about Legos! She was wearing a Lego watch and he told her that he had a Lego collection; Antonia thought he was just trying to get her number in a slick way! Finally, Mike called Antonia and five years later, she says, “Not only are we in love, but we are truly best friends… I can’t imagine doing anything without him.” So sweet!

Mike proposed to Antonia on the shore of the lake at Ringwood State Park this past winter. Just as they arrived at the park, a light snow started to fall, making for a perfect, romantic scene for Mike to pop the question. For their engagement session we revisited Ringwood State Park and spent some time hiking and exploring all the beautiful grounds. I had SO much fun with these two. We literally did not stop laughing through the entire session. Antonia and Mike share a hilarious sense of humor, and you can truly tell they are best friends and totally in love. In Antonia’s words, “Honestly, after that first date we both knew it was different and we looked to spend as much time as we could together whether it was fishing, or painting, or just hanging out talking.”

Thank you for an amazing day, Antonia and Mike! I can’t wait to celebrate your marriage with you next Spring! 🙂

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