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Behind the Scenes 2018


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Those are just some of the numbers from 2018! With another awesome wedding season in the books, it’s only fitting to share some of my favorite behind the scenes photos! 🙂 The behind the scenes post is always my favorite post of the year! This is where I get to highlight all the moments that go into creating beautiful wedding images for my clients, the funny bloopers, the late night dance floor episodes…but most importantly, I get to showcase the incredible team of women who work alongside me on wedding days. Without these talented, loving, hard-working, wonderful people, I wouldn’t be able to do what I do!

Many of these photographers I’ve had the absolute honor of working with for multiple wedding seasons! Beyond being incredibly talented photographers, they’re also so much more! From being expert veil tossers, and lighting test subjects, to being my extra arms, eyes, and brains…they seriously do it all! And I’m grateful beyond words for each and every one of these ladies!

To all my second shooters and assistants, thank you guys for caring and loving my couples like I do! Thank you for being my rock on wedding days. For your endless support and encouragement and positivity. For all the laughs and memories. For being family. I love you all so much, and appreciate you more than you know! Thank you for an incredible 2018! Cheers to an even more amazing 2019!

Thank you from the bottom of my heart to these incredible women who worked alongside me last year:

Katie Bellini
Monika DeMyer 
Tori Kelner
Yumi Matsuo
 Nikki Miller
Tori Petrillo
Rebecca Sanchez
Fabiana Skubic
Lauren Teresa
 Barbara Zoino

And a special shout out to my fave video husband and wife team: ToneMedia! I was lucky enough to work with them on multiple weddings again this year! They are wildly talented and so sweet! When we get to work together it is the DREAMTEAM. 🙂 You’ll see some fun shots of me and my team working alongside Steph & Justin in this post too!

I hope you enjoy the behind the scenes look and the laughs as much as I did when putting this post together! xoxo

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