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Cross Estate Gardens Fall Engagement | Katie & Brett

Their Session: Cross Estate Gardens Fall Engagement

Katie & Brett’s Cross Estate Gardens fall engagement session was so much fun! I love this location, because every time I visit I find new beautiful nooks to take photos in! These two were a blast to spend the evening with! They are so sweet together, and such naturals in front of the camera! I am so in love with this session and all their photos, and can’t wait to share my faves! But first, you know I gotta share their love story!

Their Love Story

When I asked Katie and Brett to share with me one thing they love about each other they gave the sweetest answers! Katie said, “I love how proactive and caring Brett is. He always anticipates others needs before you even realize you need something. He is my best friend and makes me laugh more than anyone I have ever met!” Brett said, “I love how Katie is so honest and compassionate with me. She is my best friend who I feel comfortable telling anything to. We also laughing together constantly.”

How They Met

Katie & Brett have the cutest story! The way they met sounds like the set up of a movie! Katie tells it best, “Brett and I met through our mutual friend on a “blind date” – my best friend/roommate from college and his coworker in San Francisco set us up. From Brett’s perspective, my best friend asked him “what is your type”? Brett said “a small, sassy blonde” and my friend had the exact person he was looking for! He flew into NYC from a work trip in Europe to meet me during the week he was home (originally from CT).”

“My friend had to call me multiple times to convince me to go on a blind date since I was never very good at dating ;)”

“We went to get tacos in NYC, talked about our lives, Harry Potter and didn’t stop until the restaurant closed. We went on 3 dates in the first week to maximize our time before he went back to SF. A few months later Brett moved to NYC, we texted/talked/facetimed every day and the rest was history! My best friend now believes she’s a genius matchmaker :)”

The Proposal

Ok, you have to hear this proposal! Brett did an amazing job planning this one out! Katie gave me all the details. She said, “During COVID, Brett & I accidentally (thought it would be 2 weeks) moved to NJ with my parents and then decided to spend 8 months in Naples, Florida (my parents have a condo down there!).”

“Once we finally got vaccinated fully, Brett convinced me to go into NYC to spend the weekend as a “celebration of coming back from COVID”. We spent the day cleaning out our apartment and he said he wanted to dress up to go out to eat at a fun restaurant in the Upper East Side (where we have lived/spent the majority of our time before COVID). He then took me to the park that we would go to every day to go on a walk & watch the dogs at the dog park (we love dogs, just don’t have one yet!) and enjoy the river. Brett proposed on the waterfront and had his friend (who’s an aspiring photographer) take sneaky photos of us!”

“Brett is a pretty big planner so this took him weeks (maybe months) to orchestrate. He then surprised me with both of our families at the restaurant to celebrate with us! It was such an amazing day!!”

Katie & Brett

Katie & Brett, you guys are a blast! Thank you so much for choosing me to document this special season of your lives! I can’t wait for you Fiddler’s Elbow wedding next year!! But until then enjoy every second of being engaged! Sending you the biggest hug! xoxo

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