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Cross Estate Gardens Proposal | Nora & Zach

Their Session: Cross Estate Gardens Proposal

Proposals are always so incredibly special to capture, and this Cross Estate Gardens proposal was no exception. I was so excited when Zach reached out to me about planning his proposal to Nora. Cross Estate Gardens is one of my favorite places, and he had a perfect game plan to get Nora there to propose! It ended up being perfect!

I asked Nora to share a little bit of her perspective on the proposal afterwards! She said, “I had some suspicions, but was doing my best not to think too deeply into them! When we arrived at the garden my nerves began to kick in and it all started to feel real. When Zach got down on one knee I only remember thinking “I knew it”. I was absolutely shocked, to the point no words came out of my mouth, but at the same time it felt very natural and I knew without a doubt I want to share this life with him!”

After the proposal we did a short engagement session to capture some newly-engaged portraits of these two! There’s nothing quite like the joy and excitement following such a special surprise! I have so many favorite photos to share, but first, a little bit about these two!

Their Love Story

I asked Nora & Zach to share with me one thing they love about each other. They both gave the most thoughtful answers! Zach said, “Something that I love about Nora is her commitment to family, which I am very excited to be able to share as ours now! When I’ve had the opportunity to celebrate special events / holidays with her family, I know she is going to go above and beyond to interact with everybody and ensure that they are having an amazing time. She will lay on the ground and play with the kids even though she’s dressed up in one of her many beautiful outfits to then immediately help prepare food / drinks (she’s a great bartender!) for anybody who needs a refill. The passion for her family has made me know she will be the best mother one day.”

“When Nora is in the spotlight she shines brighter than everybody else with her charm, beauty, great storytelling and ability to make people feel heard when talking to them. She has no issue connecting with new people. She can stir up a conversation with anybody she comes across, leaving an amazing lasting impression.”

Nora said, “One reason we have such a strong relationship is our shared values, including family and compassion for others. Zach is dedicated to his friends and family. At the drop of a hat, Zach is quick to offer support to our friends and family, making sure they feel seen and cared for. He enjoys spending quality time with his loved ones, especially down the shore in LBI, making lasting memories. If he could sit on the beach everyday from dawn to dusk he would! I can see how much he is able to soak in and be grateful for the smallest things in life.”

“Another thing I love very much about Zach is his joy for life. He loves to explore, learn, and travel. His excitement fills up the room when he is talking about an adventure he is wanting to plan. I am so excited to share a life with someone who loves to celebrate all the small moments and is eager to embrace all life has to offer! I am so excited to see our family’s merge and grow!”

How They Met

Zach and Nora met during their sophomore year of college at the University of Scranton. Zach told me, “we lived in the same dorm building and Nora lived two floors directly above mine! We ended up connecting through a mutual friend and haven’t looked back! Our first “date” was watching High School Musical 2 and I was too embarrassed to know all the words to all the songs so I sang under my breath the entire time. We’ve continued to blossom our relationship over the first 7 years of a lifelong love.”

Nora recalled, “Immediately I found him to be personable and have a warm energy. Throughout our time at the University of Scranton we grew our relationship and were excited to see where life would take us following graduation. We maintained a “long distance” relationship for a few years following graduation and enjoyed making spontaneous plans, including hikes, beach trips, and long-weekend vacations! We finally moved to Hoboken in 2021 it was absolutely meant to be!”

Nora & Zach

Nora & Zach, it was such a joy and an honor to get to capture this very special moment in your love story! I am so excited for you two and the start of this amazing next chapter! I know there is so much happiness and excitement ahead! Soak in every moment of this newly-engaged bliss!! Sending you both the biggest hug and all my love! xoxo

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