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Palisades Interstate Park Engagement | Vikkie & Toby

Their Session: Palisades Interstate Park Engagement

Vikkie & Toby’s Palisades Interstate Park engagement session was extra special to me. Vikkie is one of my best friends from college! We were in a photography class together and roomed together for three years! Vikkie has always been such a great friend – always so thoughtful, generous, and fun! I couldn’t love her more. I was ecstatic when I found out Toby proposed! And even more excited to get to photograph two people who are so special to me! Vikkie and Toby always have so much fun together. They’re always laughing and playful, and so in tune with each other. We had a blast exploring this park that they frequent with their pup, Arlo! (Who also obviously had to make an appearance for our session!!) I can’t wait to share these photos! But first, I gotta share a little bit of Vikkie & Toby’s love story.

Their Love Story

When I asked these two to share with me one thing they love about each other, they gave the sweetest answers. Vikkie said, “More and more each day I love Toby’s honesty and ability to see the potential in others. Toby is supportive and always pushes me to be my best self. I know I’ll always have him in my corner and I love him for that.” Toby said, “it’s hard to pick one thing in particular but her sense of adventure has probably been the most impactful aspect on our lives. Vikkie pushes me to expand my horizons and pushes me to be my best self. Whenever I’m nervous or scared, she makes me realize it’ll be okay – maybe even fun. It’s safe to say we’ll always have some fun.”

How They Met

Vikkie & Toby first met at a mutual friend’s Halloween party in 2014. As Vikkie tells it, “Toby was “Ace Ventura: Pet Detective” and I was a last minute ‘bear’ because my original costume ripped as I was putting it on. Funnily enough, “Ace Ventura: Pet Detective” is one of my favorite movies and I recognized Toby’s costume right away. But because meeting him made me (surprisingly) nervous, I guessed him as Llyod from “Dumb & Dumber”, another one of my favorites, and have yet to live it down! That night was the first night we felt a real connection, and we haven’t lost it since!”

The Proposal

You’ve got to hear the story of how Toby proposed. It’s sucha sweet story! Vikkie gave me the inside scoop! She said, “We were on vacation in Arizona this past November, when Toby asked me to marry him. We wanted to end our day with a sunset stroll so we went to Riparian Preserve at Water Ranch. We soon realized we were not the only ones with that idea. As we waded through the nice young families taking their holiday photos throughout the park, Toby and I finally found a private inlet to catch the sun as it went down.”

“As we stood there, we watched a breathtaking white crane cross the pond followed by a hummingbird that decided to feed within arms reach, and in that moment both of us knew. Toby spoke and captured the love we have for one another beautifully and, before I went down from weak knees, he asked me to be his future wife. I never had a doubt saying YES!”

Vikkie & Toby

Vikkie & Toby, where do I even begin! I love you guys so much and couldn’t be more grateful for your friendship! You’ve been amazing friends to Ryan and I for so many years, and it’s so special for us to get to celebrate this milestone with you guys! It was an absolute joy to get to photograph you two and this little slice of your love story! We can’t WAIT to celebrate and party with you two on the big day next year!!! YAY!!! xoxoxo

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