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Cross Estate Gardens Summer Engagement Session, Bernardsville, NJ | Julia & Anthony

Ooooh, Juila and Anthony + Cross Estate Gardens = PURE MAGIC! I am not kidding, between the tall grass fields, the wisteria vine covered walkway and the lush blooming gardens, it’s hard not to love this location. I thought I couldn’t love it any more, until Julia and Anthony stepped foot in all the lush gorgeousness. They were SHINING this entire session! Their outfits were on point and were so great for the location and for one another. I always tell my couples it’s super important to try to coordinate outfits instead of matching each other – take these two as an example! I seriously love these two and how comfortable, sweet, and in love (of course!) they are together!

Julia and Anthony met during their sophomore year of college about 9 years ago! They both transferred to the same college and ended up becoming friends with the same group of people. Julia was very hesitant to transfer to a new school and find a boyfriend right away, but Anthony was persistent for a whole year until she finally realized he was the one for her! Nice effort, Anthony, it definitely paid off! 😉

You have to hear about this proposal!!! Julia says, “For weeks, my Mom kept telling me that Anthony and I should/have to come home a random weekend in April to celebrate Passover. The real day my sister was away so we needed to do it again when she came home. I was not happy because we never really do anything for it and I didn’t understand why it was such a big deal to do it again just because Olivia decided to go to Miami the first time. So, that morning Anthony and I were getting ready in our apartment in Hoboken, and I just so happened to do my hair and actually get dressed. We did our usual drive where I fall asleep and Anthony gets stuck driving with no one to talk to. The whole drive, my mom kept calling/texting to remind us that we needed to stop at her best friend’s new restaurant down at the water in my town to pick something up she had made for us for dinner. We get down to the landing and while we’re waiting, Anthony was telling me a story about his Grandpa and West Point which happens to be directly across the river. He suggested while we wait to go for a walk closer to the river. Me, being difficult, I told him I rather wait in the car since she was only going to be a few more minutes. He finally persuaded me to get out of the car so I could take a picture of him in front of West Point for his Grandpa. After I told him that was silly/embarrassing since people were around, I finally agreed. One minute I was trying to be super fast snapping a few pictures of him on my phone and next thing I knew he was down on one knee. I was completely shocked and not expecting it at all!!!! Through my tears, he told me my Mom had surprised me and there was a photographer hiding taking pictures while it all happened. After taking it all in we headed to my parents where there was a surprise party of our family and a few of our closest friends. I honestly couldn’t have asked for anything better and it was perfect.” I love how Anthony’s persistence came back into play, and he pulled off such an amazing proposal!

Julia and Anthony, thank you endlessly for being SO much fun, so adorable, and for totally killing it at your session! You two have such a beautiful love story, and I am so honored to capture it! I can’t wait for your big day and to celebrate all night long with you guys! Congratulations! Xoxo

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