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Deep Cut Gardens Engagement Session, Middletown, NJ | Alex & Chris

I knew Alex and Chris’ engagement session was bound to be absolute perfection as soon as Alex reached out to me! I was SO excited to get right into planning all of the fun details with her – she was super sweet and I could just tell that she valued documenting this incredibly special season of being engaged! Where do I even begin?! I am so obsessed with this session, I can’t even find the words to do it justice (I’m glad we have pictures for that)! AHHH okay, we shot at Deep Cut Gardens in Middletown, which I LOVE! From the greenhouse to the gorgeous gardens, everything there is so beautiful. This stunning location and even more amazing couple made this session a dream! These cuties are seriously soulmates (as Alex described when she first told me about her fiancé) – it’s truly the only way to describe these two! Their style was ON POINT and I loved that their outfits fit in perfectly with the location. I had so much fun hanging out and shooting with Alex and Chris, I seriously think I could photograph them all day!

Alex describes her hubby-to-be, Chris, as her soulmate. She said they are the epitome of a millennial relationship from meeting on Tinder four and a half years ago and never having met in person to reconnecting on Snapchat two years later. Alex said she is not one to add people on social media who she doesn’t know, so she messaged him to figure out who he was and they have been inseparable ever since their first date at Teak in Red Bank! Alex spilled three drinks on him that night because she was nervous and was talking with her hands very aggressively! “But apparently it didn’t scare him away,” she says, “I didn’t find out until months later, but the night of our first date when we both went home, I called my best friend, and he called his twin brother, and we each told them “I just met the person I’m going to marry.” And now just over 2 years later, here we are. They say when you know, you know.” Uh, does anyone else have the chills?! I’m freaking out at how absolutely perfect they are!!!

Want to know more? I got you! Here’s all of the proposal goodness: “Chris proposed to me on Christmas Eve. My family was in town from Montana for the holiday, and my mom organized a family photo shoot. She sent out a group text saying to meet at my parents’ house at 3:30 on Christmas Eve, and that we would take some pictures before going to my Aunt’s for dinner. We are rarely all together nowadays so it made perfect sense to me. Chris and I arrived at my parents house (a little early actually, so now I know why Chris was trying to stall lol). Our family friend, who is also a photographer, was already down at the dock at the end of my parents’ street scouting out places to take the photos. My mom was yelling at my sister because she wasn’t ready yet, which I now know was a total act. She told Chris and I to go down to the dock and help the photographer, so that when my sister was finally ready we could move quickly since we were “losing daylight.” We got back in the car and drove it down to the dock. It was so cold that day, and pretty windy on the water. I said to Chris, “I think I’ll just stay in the car and wait for everyone else.” And he insisted I get out and walk by the water with him. I knew something fishy was going on. I got out and as I walked towards the gazebo, I saw some flower arrangements and a cute chalkboard sign set up. I thought to myself, “Wow, my mom really went all out for the family photos this year.” And then Chris said, “They set it up just the way I wanted them to.” And then my heart exploded. I was completely caught off guard, but now I knew what was going down. To be completely honest, I blacked out from excitement after that. I do know that the chalkboard sign said “It’s the most wonderful time of the year.” He asked me to flip it over, and on the other side it said “Will you marry me?” I also know that I cried a lot. All of sudden my parents and sisters were pulling up in their cars. It was revealed to me the parts they all played in making this happen. Chris’ stepmom made the chalkboard sign herself. Her and my mom helped put together the flower arrangements. My sister Sam arranged the photographer. My dad, of course, had to make plans B and C because there was a chance of rain. Now I know why when Chris said he was getting a haircut that morning but took 3 hours, he was actually at my parents’ setting this all up.” After the proposal they celebrated all night with their family and lots of champagne! Go Chris, what an amazing proposal that totally caught Alex by surprise, and allowed so many loved ones to take part in this special occasion!

Alex and Chris, thank you both so much for being the sweetest, kindest, and most fun people to hang out with! I am so grateful and honored that you chose me to photograph this special milestone for you. I hope these photos help always bring you back to such an exciting season of life! Wishing you the happiest wedding day in Montana – I know you’re going to both look absolutely breathtaking and that your day is going to be so perfect! I love you two xoxo!!!

  1. Jen, their story is so sweet! And this gallery is seriously light and glowy perfection! Loved the bunny; cute surprise!

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