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Defiant Brewery & Ramapo Reservation Engagement | Caitlin & Chris

Their Session:
Defiant Brewery & Ramapo Reservation

These two are so stinkin cute. I LOVED hanging out with Caitlin and Chris at one of their favorite date night spots, the coolest brewery Defiant in Pearl River NY! I always think it’s extra special when couples choose a session location that’s meaningful to them & their story. Afterwards, we went to Ramapo Reservation for some outdoorsy photos! And at this second location we also got to take some pics with their sweet pup Mara!!! Mara is so adorable and totally loves her fur-parents more than anything! You know it’s a great session when pups are involved!!

Throughout their whole session Caitlin & Chris were so filled with joy and excitement, and love for each other – it was a BLAST! All their laughter and smiles were so contagious, I think it’s impossible to hang out with these two and not feel super happy!


Their Story

Caitlin & Chris are the same age, graduated from high school the same year, and lived in the same county, but did not meet each other until the exact right time when they connected on eHarmony! They spent a lot of time getting to know each other online before their first date, where they met up for dinner and a movie! Chris loves to tell the story of Caitlin ordering a Miller Lite on their first date, and the waitress asking how to make it! Haha!

When I asked Caitlin about the proposal she shared the SWEETEST story with me. šŸ™‚ Caitlin said, “Chris is the most thoughtful, kind, and generous person on the planet. We had discussed marriage two months into our relationship (thank you, craft beer for your liquid courage) but I had no idea when he would ask! The weekend after my 32nd birthday, Chris planned a weekend full of surprises! We traveled up to Cold Spring, NY and had an amazing dinner on the water at the Hudson House. That night, we stayed at the Thayer Hotel at West Point which was stunning! The next day, we toured Boscobel, and then onto The Storm King Art Center. I don’t remember how long ago it was, but one night while binge-watching “Master of None” on Netflix, the protagonist goes on a date to Storm King. I immediately popped up, paused, and shared how I always saw the art installations driving up to college, and always wanted to go! Well he remembered, because while on our own date there, once we were away from the crowd, he told me he had to tie his shoe. He wasn’t getting up. I looked down, and there he was on one knee, with a little box! I immediately started hugging him, crying, yelling “OH MY GOD IS THIS REALLY HAPPENING?!” for about 15 mins. I finally let him get up, and he said “You know there’s a ring, right?” and I glanced at it through my happy tears, and continued hugging and blubbering. I was crying so much I thought people were going to think he broke up with me! After calling everyone we knew, trying to capture the best selfie we could, we headed to my parents house. Waiting for us were our immediate family, and our best friends. It was a dream!” Does it get any more perfect than that?! A+ job on the proposal, Chris! šŸ™‚

On date nights, these two love to enjoy pizza while binge watching shows on Netflix (count me in!!). They also are all about going out to dinner and having a drink or two, attending concerts, plays (for Caitlin) or wrestling events (for Chris), going to the movies, walking Mara, and taking trips together!


Caitlin & Chris

Caitlin & Chris, you two are the sweetest souls, and absolutely perfect for each other! You two are such a joy to be around! I adored every minute of capturing your love and spending time with you both! I can’t wait for your wedding day at The Rockleigh, when you will officially become husband & wife!! šŸ™‚ But for now, enjoy being fiances! Sending you guys a huge hug! xoxo

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