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Disney Boardwalk Resort Engagement Session, Orlando, FL | Janine & Connor

Traveling wherever my couples want to take me is such a passion of mine, so I was totally game when Janine and Connor asked me to come to Disney Boardwalk Resort in Orlando, Florida for their engagement session! This session was seriously so much fun, and I loved that it was such a special place for these two – they are Disney fanatics and the Disney Boardwalk Resort is where Connor asked Janine to marry him! I had never been there before, but I absolutely LOVED it! We had so much fun that we may or may not have come back for more photos the next day, haha! When in Disney, right?! 🙂

We met at sunrise when the boardwalk was super quiet and peaceful, and the morning pastel sky was so beautiful. Janine rocked the props for their session from her Hydrangea bouquet that added so much to their perfectly styled outfits to the pretty velvet ring box for details! I am so fortunate to say that my couples truly become real friends, and these two are no exception. They are so kind and sweet and such a joy to hang out with. They showed me around the resort and brought me to all their favorite spots while absolutely crushing their session – seriously they’re amazing! I could photograph them all day! Shout out to Connor who was the best at machine gun kisses and making his adorable fiancé laugh. Great machine gun kisses make me a happy photog!

Remember I said that they are huuuge Disney lovers?! Well, here’s the proposal story from Janine: “Our proposal is a long story, but definitely one of my favorites – it’s a handful! Connor and I were going to Disney World for 2 days in the parks, and then hopping on a Disney Cruise for a week (we both love Disney!) Our first day, we arrived at Disney’s Polynesian resort and dropped off our luggage at the bell service because our room wasn’t ready, and we wanted to swim in the pool. Time goes by, and we were ready to check into our room, so we go to the bell service and they hand Connor his bag, but they couldn’t find mine. I stayed calm at first, but as time went by I started to get nervous. The hotel managers even began to look nervous, which wasn’t reassuring and just added to my anxiety. An hour went by and my bag was still lost, so the managers said they’d call us once they found it, and that we should continue with our vacation as planned. At this point I was NOT happy. Poor Connor had to deal with my negative attitude and paranoia that someone at the resort stole my bag and was keeping it or selling my belongings. It was not my finest moment, and on top of this – a monsoon hit out of no where. The bad weather dragged my mood down even more (like I said – I wasn’t pleasant) but Connor and I continued with our plans. I, luckily, had one dress in my small bag, so we showered and got ready to go to Disney Springs as planned. Once I got out of the shower we got a call from the hotel manager who said he found my bag! I was so relieved to get my bag back, and on top of that, the weather cleared up! Needless to say, I was no longer a scary person anymore…I was back to my happy vacation self. Connor suggested we take a picture at my favorite spot on the Polynesian beach before going to Disney Springs. We walked over, and Connor asked a girl sitting on a chair to take the picture for us, and thats when he popped the question!! He actually knew the girl taking our picture/video. And after the proposal he had a professional photographer waiting for us to get a photo shoot around the resort! We were so lucky the weather cleared up and had a beautiful photo shoot with the sunset. The best part in my opinion is considering how Connor must have felt during the whole day. 1. I’m not a good flyer so he had to deal with me being a nervous wreck on the plane. 2. In retrospect – thank god they lost my bag instead of his because he had the ring in his bag! 3. Was he still going to propose to me if the hotel didn’t find my bag and I was in such a foul mood? 4. With the monsoon that rolled in he wasn’t going to be able to propose in my favorite spot on the Polynesian beach. In the end, everything worked out perfectly, but it could have been a much different story if things didn’t work out the way they did :)” WOW!! What an amazing end to a whirlwind of a day. It’s so sweet that Connor was still able to propose in her absolute favorite spot!

I had so much fun adventuring through this new location with such an amazing couple! Janine and Connor, thank you for taking me to the most special place in your lives and letting me document such a huge milestone for you! I am SO excited for your Beauty-and-the-Beast-esque wedding day at Florentine Gardens, I know your day is going to be as magical as you two are! Love you both so much <3!!!

  1. The Boardwalk is my favorite resort ever. This engagement session is magical!

  2. Christina Manetta Pi says:

    Hi! These are beautiful inspirational photos for my daughters upcoming proposal on the boardwalk. Are you located in Orlando? How much are your photo sessions for this type of engage photography? Thanks so much!!

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