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Stairway to Heaven Appalachian Trail Engagement Session, Vernon, NJ | Patty & Joe

Patty and Joe came all the way from Boston where they live together to explore the Stairway to Heaven Appalachian Trail for their engagement session – can I get a heck yesss?! Patty found this location and it’s seriously amazing! Every time you think you’ve found the most incredible spot, you just keep walking and find an EVEN better spot! It has heaven in it’s name for a reason! 🙂 I seriously want to go back just to explore more for myself!

We laughed and adventured through the trail and had such a great time hanging together, barefoot and all! Yes, you heard me – these two adventurous souls took their shoes off and walked barefoot along the trail’s boardwalk  🙌🏼 There’s just something about being out in nature that makes these sessions so rewarding. We are getting incredible pictures while also having such an amazing and memorable experience together! That’s something I truly adore about engagement sessions; it allows my couples to take a step back from all of the wedding planning and everyday stress, and just enjoy being together for a few hours and getting back to the root of this whole thing – being in love with each other! Patty and Joe completely embraced this session and made it their own… oh, and we can’t forget Mr. Wrinkles.

If my couple says their dog is coming to our shoot, I am immediately freaking out from the second I get to the session. Thank goodness their sweet, friendly pup accompanied us on our adventure; it was such a treat to have him there with us!!! It always makes my heart the happiest when furbabies are included! They’re such a big part of your lives, they MUST be there! This little family of three is PERFECT from their love for popcorn (they can’t watch Netflix without it) to the fact that they traveled all the way from Boston for this session – these are my people!!! And a big thank you to Patty’s wonderful sister, too who helped out during the session and explored with us! 

Patty and Joe, can you tell I’m obsessed with you two (and Mr. Wrinkles)?! Thank you for being so much fun and for taking me on this hiking trail with you. This time as fiancs is so special, and I’m so glad you took some time to spend it together just being in love! Happy wedding planning lovebirds! Xoxo

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