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Golden Hour Field Engagement Session, Morris County| Amanda & Nick

Their Engagement Session: Golden Hour Field Engagement, Central Park of Morris County

Amanda & Nick’s golden hour field engagement session was the most beautiful session. Give me some pretty, golden light, a tall grassy field, and a couple who is down for anything and I’ll be the happiest girl on the planet! We took Amanda and Nick’s engagement photos at Central Park of Morris County. The rolling grassy fields filled with the most perfect golden hour light couldn’t be more picturesque! Amanda and Nick are so much fun to photograph. It makes me so happy when couples have a blast their session, and are down to try any and everything I throw their way!

These two didn’t bat an eyelash at any of my crazy ideas! (THANK YOU AMANDA & NICK!!! You’re the best!) They were down to sit in the grass, run through the fields, climb fences…literally all of it. And it made for such fun photos capturing the love and joy they share for each other. It was perfect. I’m so in love with these photos and so pumped to share! But first, let me tell you a little bit of their love story.

Their Love Story

I asked Amanda & Nick to share with me one thing they love about each other. Amanda said, “Nick is the calm to my storm, he always keeps me grounded. He is so go with the flow and I’m a planner down to the minute. He helps me realize that we need to appreciate the here and now and not get so wrapped up in the planning! He’s my rock and my absolute best friend.” Nick said, “I love how caring and sweet Amanda is, she always takes others feelings into consideration and has a huge heart.”

How They Met

I love the story of how Amanda & Nick met. Amanda told me, “We met in college through my friend who had worked with him over the summer! A few days later classes began and in true Amanda fashion, I was running late to my religion class. When I got to class, there was only one seat left so I hurried and sat down and as soon as I sat down someone behind me was pulling on my backpack! I turned around ready to flip out and the person sitting behind me was Nick! Lol we had no idea we were taking the same class and we ended up being assigned group partners for the rest of the semester and the rest is history!”

The Proposal

I love it when a proposal is a huge surprise! Nick did such a good job catching Amanda off guard and completely surprising her with his proposal! It’s such a sweet story, and Amanda tells it best. She gave me all the details, “Nick’s proposal was so out of the blue and caught me completely by surprise! He really is the only person who can actually catch me off guard and surprise me. Nick and I had planned a vacation to Maine in October and I sort of had a feeling he was gonna ask me when we were on vacation BUT that didn’t happen.”

“In fact, the weekend before we left for vacation I had plans with my family to go pumpkin picking but my mom ended up hurting her back and couldn’t go. On a whim I asked Nick if he would go with me just to grab some pumpkins and he said sure. We got to the farm and Nick wanted to walk through the orchard to get to the pumpkin patch. As we were walking through the orchard we stopped to take a few pictures and after Nick set up his go pro for one of the pictures he took my hand and got down on one knee and asked me if I would marry him!”

“I found out later that day that Nick had gotten the ring less than 24 hours before he asked me. When he got the ring he immediately called my dad and said he couldn’t wait any longer to give it to me!”

Amanda & Nick

Amanda & Nick, thank you so much for such an incredibly fun evening exploring one of my fave locations! You two are filled with so much joy, your smiles are simply contagious! I had the best time photographing you two! I can’t wait to do it again next summer for your wedding at Lakewood Estate! It’s going to be amazing, I already know it! In the meantime, soak up every minute of being fiancés and enjoy this season! Sending you both the biggest hug! xoxo

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