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Hoboken NJ Engagement Session | Lea & Alex

Their Session:
Hoboken, NJ Engagement

Lea & Alex’s Hoboken engagement session was the BEST! These two are seriously so much fun. We spent the evening exploring Hoboken and visiting some picture perfect locations around the city. Our first stop was a park near Lea & Alex’s apartment that has a very special place in their hearts. This park is where Alex asked Lea to marry him! I love when my couples want to shoot in meaningful locations to them and their story! After the park, we made our way to the rooftop of their apartment building, and then the iconic Hoboken waterfront overlooking the NYC skyline. I loved every bit of it! From their thoughtfully chosen outfits, meaningful locations, and perfect props (like champagne and the most gorgeous velvet ring box), this session was one for the books!

Before we jump into all the gorgeous photos, let me tell you a little more about this sweet couple and their story!

Their Love Story

Lea & Alex met almost 8 years ago! Lea was a senior in high school and Alex was a freshman in college. One night in October 2010, Lea was planning an evening out with a few friends and one of the boys invited his cousin… enter Alex. As Lea puts it, “Once I saw him get out of his car I was hooked, I felt so comfortable around him and never had met someone with his energy. Since that day we’ve spoken daily, became “official” November 12, 2010, and stayed together through college (I dormed and he made every effort imaginable to come visit weekly/bi-monthly!). Once I graduated college, I moved back home to my parent’s house for a few years and recently, in October 2017, Alex and I moved in together in Hoboken, NJ!”

Want to hear how Alex popped the question?! It’s SUCH a good story. As Lea tells it, “Alex was traveling the week prior to our engagement and told me he would reserve a nice dinner for us upon his return. For the entire week prior, my mom was urging me to have girl’s day with her, which I continuously declined because I wanted to spend as much time with Alex when he came back! I ended up being tricked into girl’s day – Alex told me that he thought a friend of his was going to ask him to be a groomsmen in his wedding, so he had to go to a brewery with him! Little did I know, this was all part of the big plan! The day of our engagement, May 19th, I got a manicure with my mom and went to the mall for the entire afternoon. When Alex picked me up to go back to our apartment, he was totally normal, I would’ve never figured a thing! We got back to our apartment, got ready for this surprise dinner, and off we went! While walking in Hoboken, we got to a corner where he asked me to close my eyes and told me he would guide me to our destination. I finally opened my eyes in front of a tucked away gazebo in a park near our apartment. The gazebo was beautifully illuminated with candles and flowers, with a table set in the middle with a few of our favorite things – wine, Chinese food (for me!) and a slice of pizza (for Alex!). He proposed to me there, and surprised me when we got back to our apartment with our family and closest friends. It was a night that I’ll never forget!!” Literally how PERFECT is that!?!? I mean if there’s pizza and Chinese food involved, how can it get any better? I can’t even handle it. A+ job Alex!!

When I asked these two what they love about each other, Lea said, “Choosing just one thing is really hard!! First thing that comes to mind is how much I love the level of patience Alex has with me. I can definitely operate from an anxiety driven place and even when I’m in full panic mode he helps me see the other side and always makes me feel like I have a supportive partner who will conquer whatever issue at hand (even though most aren’t even real people problems) and work through it with me.”

And Alex said, “Her support. Growing up I always wanted someone to have my back, a “ride or die” per say. Someone I could trust unconsciously that would enable me to take risks, knowing that there would be a solid floor to fall back on. It’s something I always ‘wanted’, though Lea makes me ‘need’ it. Couldn’t imagine living my life with any other person.”

Lea & Alex

Lea & Alex, thank you guys SO much for being so absolutely wonderful! When clients become friends, that is my favorite part of doing what I do. I’m so beyond grateful for you both! (And so excited we’re both in this season of planning our weddings together for next summer! YAY!) You guys are a dream to photograph, and I can’t wait to celebrate with you on your wedding day at Indian Trail Club next June! Enjoy this time of being fiances!!! xoxoxo

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