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Hoboken Waterfront Engagement | Amorette & Cam

Their Session: Hoboken Waterfront Engagement

Amorette & Cam’s Hoboken waterfront engagement session was so much fun! We started our shoot at the iconic train station, and then stopped by the Wicked Wolf (where these two first met!!)! We walked through some of the cobblestone streets on our way to Columbus Park. And then finally we finished the session with a sunset skyline view! On our way back to the waterfront we saw this almost full moon hanging so low and big in the sky! We made a run for it to make sure we got some moon pictures, and it was WORTH IT! Absolutely magical!

I love these two so much and can’t get over how their engagement photos came out! I can’t wait to share all my faves, but first I gotta share a bit of their love story! It’s a good one! 🙂

Their Love Story

When I asked Amorette to share the story of how they met she gave me the whole scoop! She said, “I was bartending at Wicked Wolf in Hoboken. I usually worked the Friday night shift but this particular weekend a girl asked to switch shifts as she had a wedding. That night this new DJ was playing and I thought “oh great, a different DJ, a different vibe- should be a good night!!! The night went on, music was amazing- such a great time and the patrons were having a blast!”

“I saw a friend from high school (had to be 5/6 years since I had last seen him) we caught up- told me his friend was DJing- I said “tell him he’s killing it”. Fast forward to the end of the night, I was cleaning my bar and closing tabs. I saw this guy at the other end of the bar, none of my bar-mates were helping him. I even tried to get the girls attention to serve him- nothing. So I walked down, asked him if he needed anything- Corona, please. Lime? Yes. Do you have a tab? “I’m the DJ!” I was like oh my god, you did amazing tonight! I’m Amorette, Cole’s friend (from high school)!” That was pretty much it. Didn’t think anything of it- gave him a compliment, added him on IG. I woke up to a DM. LOLL”

Their perfect Saturday together looks a lot like this, “Hopefully the puppies allow up to sleep in! Once we are awake it’s outside to walk the pups and have our morning coffee together and make a game plan for the day. The perfect Saturday is knowing the house is clean and having no plans which allows us to relax on the couch watching sports or movies, enjoying good food all day together. We rarely ever get to do this so this makes a perfect Saturday to me!!”

Amorette & Cam

Amorette & Cam, thank you so much for bringing you joyful and fun energy to this shoot, and making it an absolute blast! I loved spending the evening with you two and cannot wait for your wedding day at Perona Farms in December!! Until then soak in all the sweetness of this season of being engaged!! Sending you both all my love and a huge hug! xoxo

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