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Indian Trail Club Fall Wedding | Abby & AJ

Their Wedding Day: Indian Trail Club Fall Wedding

Abby & AJ’s Indian Trail Club Fall wedding day was incredible! Abby had the stunning vision for this day from the day we first chatted. She told me, “since the wedding will be in September, I didn’t want to do an orange color palette, (I feel like everyone does and I love it but want something different). I found these teal/grey velvet dresses on Pinterest and am using that as the inspiration for color. I haven’t completely figured it out yet but I’m thinking teal, light blue, wine/dark cranberry color theme. We really want a timeless, elegant, classic feel. Overall, I just want to marry my best friend and enjoy the day with our family and friends.” I’d say Abby’s vision and more came to fruition completely!

It was an absolutely joyous day, and all throughout the day these two radiated excitement and love. And I think we need a full moment for this color palette!! I mean…the bold colors were so unique and beautiful! From the attire, and florals, down to the candlesticks…everything was gorgeous! It’s safe to say I’m obsessed with the teal velvet color of the bridesmaids dresses! I can’t get over it!

I can’t wait to share all the gorgeousness of this day! But first…you gotta hear a bit of Abby & AJ’s love story. It’s such a good one!

Their Love Story

I asked Abby & AJ to share with me one thing they love about each other. Abby said, “I love AJ’s caring, kind nature. The most thoughtful human I have ever met.” Then AJ said, “I love that we share the same sense of humor. She’s always laughing – even in a stressful moment we can still laugh together.”

How They Met

“I always believed I would meet someone organically – my grandparents met at work, their first date was bowling (my grandmother told everyone else that was invited not to come because she wanted to be with Pop alone) etc. and I have always been in love with their love story, so naturally I wanted the same thing. After college I was single as a pringle and my best friend persuaded/forced me to join Hinge, an online dating app. After a few months I was over it but had one guy message me back so I figured, why not have another dinner and get to know someone before I delete this stupid app? Then, in walks AJ.”

“We had our first date in Morristown – went to dinner, then when the restaurant closed we moved to Starbucks, and when that closed we ended up at our now favorite ice cream place. (This is when milkshakes became our little tradition- we had a milkshake on our first five dates). We ended the night talking in my car until 3am. He asked when he could see me again- I said I was free next Thursday or Friday and he said sign me up for both. Our second date was bowling, the third was ice skating (he plays hockey) and we have been inseparable ever since. I met his whole family (he is one of 4 siblings) that next Sunday and we still see them every week.”

How sweet are these two? I love this story so much!

The Proposal

You’ve got to hear how AJ proposed! As Abby tells it, “Fast forward to January of 2021 – our two year anniversary was coming up. He put in our calendar a bunch of mysterious “date days” later telling me that he was sick of staying in (do to the pandemic of course) and wanted to start exploring NYC again. We love to go into the city and missed our adventures there. We drive in and he tells me we are going to the museum of modern art. However, we ended up in the financial district. When I pointed this out, he said he actually wanted to go to the Statue of Liberty instead. He had never been. So… in 20 degree weather with what felt like 30 MPH winds, we jumped on the boat and went to the Statue of Liberty.

“We eventually walked near the pier where he turned to me and said “well there’s something I wanted to talk to you about” and I responded “are you serious, is this really happening right now”. He proceeded to tell me he completely forgot what he was going to say and babbled something about me being smart and pretty and he wants to spend the rest of his life with me, got down on one knee and asked me to be his wife. Naturally I said yes and hugged him. He then asked me if I wanted to put it on and I said put what on? (Complete blonde moment).”

“He had my best friend hiding taking pictures of us. She popped out and we took a lot of photos all around the statue of Liberty in a lot of wind. When we got back to land, he had a limo waiting for us. This was my favorite part of the day – just the two of us alone able to talk about our life together and enjoy the moment. (He hired the limo because he didn’t want to drive, he wanted to be able to be with me completely). The limo took us back to his grandparents house, with both of our families present. (At this time his grandfather was on hospice at home and AJ wanted us to be able to spend time with him). He had the whole thing catered, printed out pictures of us and hung them around the house, etc. It was a great day.”

To the Newlyweds

Abby & AJ, where do I even begin!? I adore you two so much, and am so grateful to have been along for the ride on this incredibly special journey to your wedding day. It was a BLAST to celebrate alongside you two and share in all the joy of your big day! I cannot wait to continue cheering you two on as you start this next chapter of your love story! Congratulations newlyweds!!! xoxo


2nd Photographer – Ryan Hardin
Photo Assistant – Summerlyn Astrom Photo
Venue – Indian Trail Club
Hair Stylist – Elena Usyk Styles
Makeup Artist – KC Glamour
Florist – Kim Auriemma Designs
DJ – Supreme Productionz
Videographer – MarKea Productions LLC
Invitation Suite – Minted
Dress Designer – Martina Liana Bridal
Dress Boutique – White House Bride 
Rings – Rena’s Jewlery 
Groom Attire – The Black Tux 
Cake – Creations by Sabrina
Bridesmaid Dresses/Groomsmen Tie – Revelry – Desert Blue
Transportation – RamStar Transportation
Milkshake Truck – Carnivale Donut Bar

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