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Lake Travis, Austin, TX Elopement | Ashley & Nick

Their Wedding Day: Lake Travis, Austin, TX

Ashley & Nick exchanged their vows with just their immediate families on a boat on Lake Travis in Austin, Texas! It was such a sweet and intimate ceremony for these two to officially start their forever together! Everything came together so beautifully, from the colorful DIY bouquet Ashley made, and Ashley & Nick’s stylish attire, to the fun and unique setting of getting married on boat on the most beautiful lake…their wedding day was absolutely perfect, and totally felt like ‘them.’ I can’t wait to share some of my favorite images, but first I’ve gotta tell you about their love story! 🙂

Their Love Story

I asked Ashley & Nick to share with me one thing they love about each other. Ashley said, “I love how Nick encourages and motivates me to be the best version of myself. He also never lets anything get him down or holds a grudge. He’ll be upset for a split second then go back to being himself.” Nick said, “I love her kindness and how she likes to be just as adventurous as me.”

How They Met

Ashley & Nick first met in college through Ashley’s roommate. A couple weeks after they first met, they had their first official date at The Cheesecake Factory! Ashley told me, “Nick drove us. We sat in a booth. Nick ordered a bacon burger and I had the chipotle chicken sandwich. I remember being super nervous even though we had hung out plenty of times before but never in an intimate setting. I also remember controlling the amount of bread I ate when I’d normally devour it all lol. Nick said conversation was never quiet and the waitress asked if we were celebrating something. I think we got cheesecake to go. It’s still somewhere we enjoy going!” Such a sweet first date story! I love that the waitress asked if they were celebrating something – she must have good intuition! 😉

The Proposal

Want to hear how Nick proposed? I LOVE this story so much and every little detail of the most perfect day that Nick planned out!

Ashley tells it best, “Nick was acting suspicious for about a month leading up to the proposal. I had a really strong feeling he would propose while we were in Vancouver, but I thought it was going to be on Saturday because he told me our friend (Jordan) had planned somewhere for us to go but it was a surprise. We were going to Vancouver because Nick got into an international design conference, so he would be spending most of the day there. He wouldn’t let me look up anything to do in Vancouver because he told me he had everything planned for me already, and he even made sure I didn’t get my nails done before going. He even told me he made a nail appointment for me on Friday….I first received a call from the concierge at 9:05am to come pick something up at the front desk. I went downstairs and they handed me an envelope with the number 1 on the front. When I opened it I received the first letter to be ready by 9:55am and to text a number (our friend Jordan) when I was ready. At 9:55am I texted Jordan and he was waiting outside our hotel (the Four Seasons!!) and handed me the next envelope which told me I was going to eat breakfast at the Bel Cafe until 10:50am.”

“After eating avocado toast and a chocolate chai latte, I texted Jordan and he picked me up and took me to my next destination which was a nail salon. I went inside and told them I believed I had an appointment at 11am and the woman at the desk handed me the third envelope which said I was being treated to a mani/pedi. Once I finished getting my nails done, Jordan picked me up at 1:15pm and drove me back to our hotel. Before I got out he handed me the next envelope which said to head up to Blo Blow Dry Bar (inside of our hotel) and I was being treated to a blow out and that I should finish by 2:20pm. After getting my hair done, I went back up to our hotel room and when I opened the door there were rose petals in a trail leading to a big heart made out of rose petals with envelope number 5 in the middle. The next letter said to be ready by 3:35pm and to text Jordan 15 minutes before. I texted him and he told me the plans had shifted a bit and I would be picked up closer to 4pm. When I got in the car next, I was handed another envelope that said to reminisce on past memories shared between us on the way to the next destination. While we were driving it just started raining and I had no idea where we were going to but the drive was absolutely gorgeous. We passed over a giant bridge that overlooked the water and the coast and mountains all at the same time. As we got closer I started seeing signs for the Capilano Suspension Bridge, and thought no way we are going here because I thought we were going with our friends later in the trip. We got to the parking lot and when we got out Jordan handed me the last envelope. The last letter talked about what Nick loved the most about me and that he had more to say to me soon.”

“We crossed over to the ticket booth and waited in line to get admission tickets to the bridge. When I started walking toward the bridge I saw Nick and the most beautiful view I’ve seen in my life. The bridge was covered in thousands of twinkling white lights and all the trees were covered in lights because of a holiday event called Canyon Lights still going on. The bridge spans across a body of water and tons of trees and forest all around all decorated in lights. Nick led me down the bridge and told me that he didn’t want to go any further because he was scared because the bridge was moving quite a bit since it’s suspended over the water. So we stopped about 1/3 of the way onto the bridge and shortly after Nick got down on one knee and said some sweet words I can’t even remember followed by “will you marry me?” It took me a minute to say “yes” because the ring was so gorgeous and I was just so in shock of how he planned out this entire day to the minute and made it so perfect. After I said yes, I soon learned the reason Nick didn’t want to go any further on the bridge was not because he was scared but because our other friend Francis was standing in the distance photographing the whole proposal! After he proposed Jordan and Francis both came down to meet us and we explored around the bridge taking in all the other magical sights. The whole proposal was honestly something like out of a fairy tale! I will never forget it!”

Literally, I don’t think it can get any more magical than that! Nick knocked this proposal out of the park and did such an amazing job treating Ashley to the best day ever!

To The Newlyweds

Ashley & Nick, it meant the world to me to be a part of your big day! Thank you so much for having Ryan and I document your start to forever! Sending you two (and Stella) all my love! xoxo

The Vendor Team

Rings: Theseos NYC
Bride’s Dress: Lulus 
Bride’s Shoes: Lulus 
Earrings: Olive + Piper
Hair Stylist: Allison Haley
Makeup Artist: Diana Smith
Groom’s Attire: Indochino
Groom’s Shoes: Sperry
Cufflinks: Men’s Wearhouse
Bouquet Ribbon: Fringe + Rose
Cake: Feathers & Frosting
Boat Rental: Just for Fun

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