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Natirar Park Fall Engagement Session | Julia & Adam

Their Session: Natirar Park

Julia & Adam, like so many couples, had to make the tough decision to postpone their wedding this year due to COVID. I loved that they were down to still document this year, and celebrate their love (and the adoption of their adorable pup!) in another way – by doing a second engagement session! It’s such an honor to capture these memories for my couples, and so much fun to get some bonus time to hang out with these two! 🙂 My couples truly are the best.

Julia & Adam chose Natirar Park for their fall engagement session, and it was PERFECT! These two are always a blast to photograph because they’re up for any adventure, and so filled with love & joy, so I knew from the jump this session would be amazing, but what I didn’t know was how all the stars would align for the weather, location, and environment to make this THE most incredible session all around. We lucked out with gorgeous colors and peak foliage! We had a beautiful overcast day, (which makes for such pretty light!), but then right around sunset, we got some golden glow from the setting sun, and it couldn’t have been more dreamy! I know that already sounds too good to be true, but we seriously hit the lotto on this session! Right at the end as we were wrapping up, a thick heavy fog settled in over the park, creating the most surreal landscape! We got a little bit of everything for this session, and it was a dream come true! 🙂 I cannot wait to share some of my many faves, but first, I gotta share about Julia & Adam’s story!

Their Love Story

You know I gotta share Julia & Adam’s love story, it’s too good! When I asked these two to share with me one thing they love about each other, ​Adam said, “Julia has the purest heart that I have ever met. She radiates goodness because of it :)” And Julia said, “Adam is so incredibly kind and patient with everyone he meets and speaks to. The most random people always somehow open up to him like a book and its amazing.”

Julia & Adam described their perfect Saturday as waking up late, and enjoying a long morning drinking coffee. Then they’d spend the afternoon rock climbing, or hiking, and then topping the day off with a relaxing evening drinking wine and watching Netflix by the fireplace. If you ask me, you can’t get a better weekend day than that!

How They Met

You have to hear how these two first met and where it all began! I love all the detail in this story! As Julia tells it, “We met in Calculus II at Rutgers! We had to go around the class saying introductions. Julia remembered Adam specifically because he mentioned he played rugby. Adam remembered Julia speaking Polish with the teacher during the introduction. We both got our first chance to talk to each other when we got put in a group together for classwork. We ended up spending that whole class talking about the TV shows Family Feud and Baggage.” Julia continues their sweet story, “Our first date was hanging out at Adam’s freshman year dorm watching the movie Rubber! It was a terrible movie but we spent the whole night laughing about it. At the end of the night, Adam walked me to the bus stop near his dorm, and gave me my first ever kiss. (There is a picture which my roommate took later that night of me lying on the floor in shock.)” These two are the CUTEST!! I’m obsessed with this story, and this couple!

The Proposal

Okay if you though that was sweet, just wait ’til you hear how Adam asked Julia to be his wife! Julia says, “We wanted to take a trip to the most beautiful place in the US for our 5 year anniversary….but we ended up spending our actual 5 year anniversary sleeping in the SFO airport after a snow storm made our original flight get canceled. I panic booked us on a flight that was two hours after I got the cancellation notice, but yet we somehow made it to Vegas after crazy delays. From there, we spent the next three days doing the most beautiful hikes in Zion. He proposed at the top of Observation Point, which was a 4 mile hike up. (He also knows me well enough to let me eat a sandwich before he proposed). It was so magical, even though Adam made the proposal very obvious since he was so excited and kept saying “You’re gonna LOVE this hike” :p Adam claims he knew that I knew he would propose because I’m absolutely terrified of heights and there was no way I would do it otherwise…he was right. : )” I’d say Adam knocked it out of the park with this proposal!

Julia & Adam

You two are filled with so much joy and positivity – it’s truly contagious and an inspiration! Thank you for being your wonderful selves! It was so much fun to get to spend another evening hanging out with you guys and capturing your love! Your wedding day is going to be absolutely perfect when it gets here! I’m more excited than ever to celebrate your marriage with you! Sending you guys all my love! xoxo

Can’t get enough of these two?! Me either. 🙂 Check out their Cross Estate Gardens engagement session from last summer here!

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