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LBI Engagement Session | Krista & Rich

Their Session: Long Beach Island

Krista & Rich’s Long Beach Island engagement session was so much fun! They chose the most perfect combination of locations, making for such a beautiful engagement session! I was so excited that Krista & Rich brought along their adorable pups, Remington & Luna, so that they could be a part of the photo shoot too!!! 🙂 It might have taken a handful or two of treats, but I have to say, we got some perfect puppy smiles and I couldn’t be happier!! They were so good!!

I am so excited to share all the goodness from this session, but first, I have to tell you all about Krista & Rich’s love story! 🙂

Their Love Story

When I asked Krista & Rich to share one thing they love about each other, Krista said, “Rich is my rock, he truly is always there for me. I know at the end of the day no matter what I can count on him, his loyalty is amazing.” Rich said, “I love Krista’s patience, she is so kind to everyone she meets.”

These two love spending date nights at home, hanging out with their pups, Luna & Remington! Since they both have such hectic work schedules, they love enjoying their time home together relaxing…and brownies are also usually involved! 🙂

How They Met

Okay this is such a good story. I’ll let Krista spill the details, “So I remember working a fairly big service on a Wednesday night and it was for a former police officer so the department was there, most of the people I had met before. Until Rich walked in. This big 6’1 Italian guy with a very serious demeanor. He didn’t fool me though, I knew there was something about him. I mentioned him to my coworker, who also worked with the police department, just trying to get the scoop and honestly thinking nothing of it. I left that night and around 9:45 PM as I was driving home I got a call from my coworker and she goes “Rich asked for your number and will be asking you out tomorrow!” My mouth dropped. Now here’s me coming in the next morning with a huge funeral I’m responsible for and I was so nervous I made my coworker make all the morning announcements. Fast forward that day, we honestly didn’t get to talk at all because we were both busy working. So later that night he called me, we talked for a while, until I finally grew the courage and asked him to go out to dinner. His initial response was that he should be the one asking me out, so in return he asked me out. We went on our first date a few days later and here we are a little over 4 years. Funny story on our first date- we were back at my house hanging out after dinner, I had my one dog Remington at the time and my family cat Ruby was staying with me. My dog who was only a few months old decided to go dig in her litter box and throw litter all over the entire bathroom. Truly in my head I was terrified, figured I would never see Rich again haha! There he was though our first date with a vacuum in his hand helping me.”

I just love these two and their story! And it gets even better! You gotta hear how Rich proposed!!

The Proposal

“I still don’t know how he kept things a secret for so long. I found out after the big day that my parents had known for 2 months and most of his friends and family had known since June when he started designing my ring. HE PROPOSED IN DECEMEBER! I felt bad for everyone having to keep a secret for so long. About a week before the proposal my mom had asked me if there was any way Rich could take off work one day so we could go cut down our Christmas tree like we used to every year when I was younger. December is a very busy month for him at work and there is a ton of overtime. I told my Mom right off the bat that there was no way he could get off, especially on a weekend. She kept pushing and was very persistent so I finally just asked Rich if there was anyway, knowing he would say no. He ended up getting a Sunday off surprisingly, which was the day after our four-year anniversary. Obviously, not knowing him and my Mom had been in talks all week and planning this all out. I honestly did not think anything of it, especially because Rich always said it would never be around the holidays. That morning we got ready and my parents met us at the house. We drove to a Christmas tree farm that Rich had found, turns out it was closed!! The poor guy was probably sweating and here I am absolutely clueless that he was planning on proposing there. We had passed a couple other spots on the way so we turned around and made our way back to another one. Meanwhile, Rich completely kept his cool the entire time. We got to the Christmas tree farm and started walking around, me and my mom were taking selfies just having fun. We walked towards the back of the tree lot so there was no one around and I guess Rich kept trying to find the perfect time, but then I would start talking to random people. Still oblivious to the situation!  We finally found the tree we wanted and we were standing next to it and Rich told me to turn around to look at something and when I turned back around he was on one knee. Complete shock! He asked me to marry him and of course I said yes! It was such a special moment. I was truly so excited, about ten minutes after I started bawling my eyes out when the shock wore off and I finally just took a moment and realized what happened. It was such a simple day, but truly was everything I could have ever asked for. Having my parents there meant so much and I got to say “Yes” to my best friend. Later that night we went to dinner with both of our parents to celebrate.”

Krista & Rich

Krista & Rich, thank you so much for such a fun evening exploring the cutest little spots around LBI! I loved hanging with you and your ADORABLE pups! I can’t wait for your wedding day, but in the meantime enjoy this season of being fiances!!! xoxox

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