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The Roundhouse Hotel Winter Wedding, Beacon, NY | Alina & Moe


Alina & Moe’s gorgeous Roundhouse Hotel winter wedding was absolutely beautiful. It was such a sweet celebration of their marriage. Winter weather in the northeast can certainly be a wildcard. But we got so lucky with a perfect snowfall! The snow made for the most picturesque portrait backdrop! Choosing February 7th for their wedding day held a very special meaning for Alina & Moe.

Alina told me, “Moe and I come from different cultural backgrounds and this day is about fusing things together and doing something that feels our own. One thing that was a conscious choice on our part has to do with the date of our wedding – February 7th. Seven is a magical and lucky number in many cultures and it has special significance (seven days of the week, seven continents, etc.) so hopefully that means we will have a magical and lucky day, and life :-)”

“In the context of Arabic culture, which Moe grew up in, for example, number 7 is a metaphor for infinity and it is also important in because there are 7 verses in the first sura (chapter) of the Qur’an and during the Hajj (religious pilgrimage to Mecca), pilgrims walk 7 times around the Kaaba (most sacred site in Islam).”

“In the context of Russian Jewish culture, sort of where I come from, seven is the number of the perfection of the nature, the number of the definitive solution. The Russian saying “measure seven times but cut once” is exactly about the correctness of the final decision. And February is a month for starting clean so there is sort of a lot of symbolism in the day, new year and new beginnings for us as a family and on a lucky day!”

I loved that they chose February 7th because it held such a meaningful significance. Such a beautiful sentiment and thoughtful choice! In addition, I was so moved by the significance of their wedding rings in their details. All wedding rings are symbolic, however, Alina told me their rings were something she and Moe picked out together, and hoped they would one day pass along as heirlooms for their children. I think that’s such a special added meaning to this marriage symbol!


Alina & Moe have such a cute story. As Alina says, they have “a modern love story. We are both pretty low key; we like basketball and good food.” When I asked about their typical date nights Alina said, “These days we both work a lot and quarantine at home so our dates are done on the couch with our dog, Louie, who usually snores away while we are watching reruns of Friends.”

Mohammad proposed to Alina at home on the couch while they were in sweats, and before he had a ring! Then, later, Moe picked out a ring, spoke to Alina’s dad, and set up a sweet proposal in their apartment (candles & rose included!) It’s so special to have that memory in a place that’s meaningful!


Congratulations Alina & Moe! I’m so thankful for you guys, and so honored to have been a part of your wedding celebration. Cheers to the start of this next chapter in your lives together and all that lies ahead! Happy honeymooning!! xoxo


Venue | The Roundhouse Hotel
Hair & Makeup| Tatiana Li
Florist | Viridescent Floral Design
Band | Silver Arrow Band
Invitation | Minted
Dress Boutique | Veras Bridal
Dress Designer | Atelier Pronovias
Shoes | Jimmy Choo
Earrings | Tara Pearls
Perfume | Ex Nihilo Paris
Groom Attire | Zegna Official
Groom Shoes | Church’s
Favors | Casa Klado

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