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2020 Weddings: Year In Review

Love is not canceled.

2020 was a year like none other. Filled with so much hardship, uncertainty, struggle, anxiety…it’s surprisingly hard to put into words everything this year was…and everything it was not. Entering a brand new decade, 2020 felt exciting and special at the start. And indeed, this year ended up being special…but in it’s own kind of way. “Minimonies” and “micro-weddings” became a thing. Hand sanitizer and masks became the perfect wedding favors. Dance floors (one of my absolute favorite things) were traded for drive by celebrations. Postponing a wedding (something that had never happened in my 7 years of being a wedding photographer) was something I tackled with my couples on a weekly basis. I even dealt with postponing my own wedding (so to all the brides and grooms out there who dealt with postponing, I feel ya). It’s been a wild ride, navigating this year living through a global pandemic.

To be totally truthful, before putting this blog post together I contemplated whether I should even do a “year in review” post like I usually do. I know how challenging this year has been for everyone, and I’ve seen lots of industry peers sharing about not doing a recap of the year. I never want someone to look at my social media or read my blog and compare these “highlights” to their story. I want to be transparent that this year was HARD. For everyone – me included. It was a hard year in business, a hard year mentally, emotionally, socially, and just generally. So to everyone reading this I want to reiterate the wise words of a friend, Natalie Franke, “If you didn’t reach a single one of your goals this year — that is okay. The fact that you’re still standing, after all that 2020 threw at you, is something worth celebrating.” Truer words have not been spoken.

I had many goals unreached, plans postponed, the number of weddings shot cut down by more than half, and so many life things placed on a back burner this year. And I think a lot of us can relate to feeling that this year wasn’t all that we had dreamed of. So before we even start to dive into this recap, I want to celebrate that fact that you (yes, if you are reading this, I mean YOU!) are still standing after this doozy of a year. Sending you the biggest virtual hug!

All that to say, there’s a reason I ultimately decided on creating and sharing this year in review post. This “year in review” blog post tradition has never been about me. Or my accomplishments, or any of that. It’s about my couples – YOU GUYS – and celebrating your love stories. This year, more than ever, those love stories shine through as a beacon of joy. Love is powerful, and I think we can see that even more clearly through the darkness. Ultimately, I thought it would be a disservice not to share these meaningful moments, and not to celebrate the love stories of all the couples who got married this year.

In addition to being a year of immeasurable hardship, 2020 has also been a year of perseverance, compassion for one another, kindness from strangers, rolling with the punches, making the best of things, and resourcefulness in being together while being apart. Despite wedding postponements, modifications, and cancelations, ultimately 2020 was a year to prove that love is not canceled.

To all of my couples:

I am so darn grateful for you. I am so blessed to work with the most amazing clients. You are all such a source of light and love and joy for me every year…and especially this year. Whether we worked together through your postponed wedding celebrations, having a minimony this year and a larger celebration later, or just pivoted to a smaller, different kind of wedding than you originally dreamed of… it’s been such an extra special journey this year. Thank you for having me along for the ride. It’s an honor to photograph you, an honor to celebrate your love story, and it’s an honor to call you my friends, more than just clients. Thank you for being the reason I’m so passionate about what I do. I love you all.

Below are some favorite images and favorite moments from the 2020 weddings I photographed, shared in chronological order. In these year in review blog posts I usually share a compilation of one of my favorite traditions – taking a photo with each of my couples! Because of COVID I didn’t get to take one with every couple this year – so to the couples I missed in that tradition, we’ll just have to make up for it and take a photo together in the future! 😉 xoxo

Caroline & Jim | Park Chateau Wedding

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Katherine & Ralph | The Rockleigh Wedding

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Laura & Scott | Minimony

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Cristina & Martin | Backyard Minimony

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Jamie & Kyle | Backyard Micro-Wedding

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Brittany & Craig | Sixty Soho NYC Rooftop Minimony

View Brittany & Craig’s Sixty Soho NYC Minimony blog post here!

Marisa & Mike | Westwood Minimony

View Marisa & Mike’s Westwood minimony blog post at the link above!

Melissa & Andrew | Montclair Minimony

View Melissa & Andrew’s Montclair minimony blog post at the link above!

Kelly & Nick | Hoboken Minimony

View Kelly & Nick’s Hoboken minimony blog post at the link above!

Krista & Mathew | New Paltz Backyard Minimony

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Lauren & Jordan | Waterloo Village Wedding

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Abby & Luis | Basking Ridge Country Club Wedding

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Lauren & Blain | Skylands Manor Micro-Wedding

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Nicolette & Mike | WoodsEdge Farm Wedding

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Rania & Haythem | Basking Ridge Country Club Micro-Wedding

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Ashley & Nick | Lake Travis Elopement, Austin TX

View Ashley & Nick’s full elopement blog post at the link above!

Thank you so much for sticking with me, and joining me in this journey over this past year. You being here means the world to me! <3

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